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Shipping’s next generation to tackle decarbonisation questions at Nor-Shipping 2022

The industry body, which supports professionals under the age of 40, is running a series of networking and knowledge sharing events titled “EMISSION:IMPOSSIBLE?” in Oslo, 4 – 7 April 2022.

From uncertainty to understanding

“We are all aware of IMO targets and the ambitions of the international community to decarbonise shipping, but there remains huge uncertainty about the means of rising to this challenge,” comments Natalie Le Nguyen, Head of Projects (Young@Nor-Shipping), YoungShip Oslo.

“There are many different pieces of the puzzle that have to fit together to enable the transition… and, quite frankly, it can seem overwhelming. So, we’ll be using our programme to look at key elements and create a better understanding of what lies ahead. It’s not only a crucial topic, but also an excellent forum to engage with established industry players and work together for collective benefit.

“Nor-Shipping 2022 provides an ideal platform for progress, and we’re eager to seize this unique opportunity.”

Young@Nor-Shipping 2022 is the ideal arena for new and experienced professionals from the industry to meet and connect.

Holistic approach

Young@Nor-Shipping’s full programme and list of participants will be released in due course. However, the focal points for the individual days have already been decided.

Young@Nor-Shipping 2019.

Day One will address ‘green funding’, looking at the role of financial stakeholders in the race to zero. Day Two will focus on ‘green technology’, with particular emphasis on ammonia, hydrogen and other carbon neutral solutions. Day Three will look into ‘green decisions’, assessing how shipowners and other stakeholders should position themselves for the future, and what will drive their key decision making.

Future potential

Nor-Shipping Director External Relations Per Martin Tanggaard comments: “This is now the fifth Nor-Shipping where we’ve partnered with YoungShip, which plays a vital role in supporting its members, developing talent and also highlighting potential to business leaders.

Per Martin Tanggaard, Nor-Shipping Director External Relations.

“Any industry is only as strong as its people, so it’s gratifying to see YoungShip paving the way for future developments. And, of course, there’s no more important development than our goal of decarbonization. So, it’ll be fascinating to see the outcome of this programme, not to mention how it dovetails with Nor-Shipping 2022’s focus on taking positive #ACTION within the ocean space.”

Nor-Shipping 2022, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, takes place at the Norges Varemesse exhibition halls in Lillestrøm and across a variety of venues in nearby Oslo. It will be the first ever ‘winter’ Nor-Shipping, allowing visitors and exhibitors to take part in a unique experience, enjoy face-to-face meetings with international colleagues, and forge partnerships and strategies for sustainable ocean success.

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