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Promotial Opportunities

Our top-quality exhibition, high-level conferences and prime networking opportunities attract 50,000 key players from the global maritime and ocean industries. This is a valuable target market that you can reach by making use of any one or several of the variety of promotional packages available for Nor-Shipping 2025.

There are many opportunties to ensure your brand and stand number is spelled out properly to delegates, visitors and fellow exhibitors! Check out how you can maximize you attendance here!

Large window stickers are available to promote your company outside both main entrances (West and East entrance) and to the Mid entrance to the exhibition. We offer a total of 35 high profile locations, providing solid exposure to all Nor-Shipping delegates as they approach the venue.

Available window spot in green

Window stickers

NOK 37 500 per. window, excl. VAT
  • Sticker size: 294cm x 261cm
  • High profile locations outside main entrances
  • Customized message
  • Total of 35 windows to choose between from

Sticker on glass panel
at entrance hall B,C & D

NOK 32 500 Per sticker, excl. VAT
  • ITEM 02.1: Stickers on the wall LEFT Hall B
    W:16,5m X H:0,9m
  • ITEM 02.2: Stickers on the wall RIGHT Hall B
    W:16,5m X H:0,9m
  • ITEM 02.3: Stickers on the wall LEFT Hall C
    W:10m X H:0,9m
  • ITEM 02.4: Stickers on the wall RIGHT Hall C
    W:16,5m X H:0,9m
  • ITEM 02.5: Stickers on the wall LEFT Hall D
    W:13m X H:0,9m
  • ITEM 02.6: Stickers on the wall RIGHT Hall D
    W:12m X H:0,9m

There are glass panels which advertising is applied on each side of the entrance to halls B, C, and D. The panels measure different lengts and have a fixed hight of 90cm.
This provides a prime location, allowing exposure to all Nor-Shipping delegates using the glass promenade located at the front of the halls.

Alert visitors of your stand number, advertise your product or service or simply invite people to your stand by using a large 3 by 3 meter sticker on the floor! Impossible not to notice as they enter the exhibition hall!

Floor sticker hall entrance

NOK 45 000 excl. VAT
  • Hall A
  • Hall B
  • Hall C (RESERVED)
  • Hall D (RESERVED)
  • Hall E

Nor-Shipping WiFi

NOK 220 000 excl. VAT
  • Logo on all WI-FI login instruction signage
  • Logo on the WiFi login screen

Help all visitors, delegates and exhibitors get online by sponsoring the Official wifi. The sponsor will be profiled with a company logo to everyone choosing to connect to the free exhibition wifi.

MyNorshipping login screen


NOK 220 000 Per sticker, excl. VAT
  • Login page for for all attendees
  • Login page for for all exhibitors

MyNor-Shipping is the central hub for attendees to connect, build their schedule, and stay up to date on conference events throughout the week. Your organisation will be branded as the official sponsor of the app, with highly visible logo and ad placement within the app itself, and on signage during the event.


NOK 275 000 excl. VAT
  • 30 000 psc
  • Maximum exposure
  • Handed out to all delegates

Lanyards are handed out to all delegates, visitors and exhibitors at the entrance and are used throughout the exhibition. The lanyards possess the most premium item to sponsor, allowing maximum exposure around everyones neck and seen on photo’s and video’s across print, corporate and social media all over the world during and after the Nor-Shipping week.

Restroom branding

NOK 55 000 excl. VAT
  • Your logo/advert on all restroom stall doors at the exhibition
  • Your logo/advert above every restroom urinal at the exhibition
  • Total of 145 posters

Promote your logo, slogan, product or service or simply invite the Nor-Shipping visitors to your stand at the posters displayed at each and every restroom stall throughout the week. A promotion that is close to impossible not to notice!

Eating area branding

NOK 110 000 per.area / excl. VAT
  • Café Nordic - East entrance (ITEM 09.1)
  • Pizza - Mid entrance (ITEM 09.2)
  • BAR - Mid entrance (ITEM 09.3)
  • Grill - Mid entrance (ITEM 09.4)
  • Foodbox - West entrance (ITEM 09.5)

In addition to the Lobby Restaurant, there are five eating areas located in the glass promenade outside the exhibition halls. Each eating area can branded offering highly visible promotion that will be spotted from a long distance. An excellent way to promote your stand and attract attendees to make a visit.

Cloakroom west entrance

NOK 190 000 excl. VAT
  • Fixed fabric canvas frames with high quality printing
  • Exceptional visibility in the glass promenade
  • W:30meters X H:3,2meters X D:4 meters
  • 180 degree exposure
Cover the main cloakroom!
Next to the main entrance, each visitor and exhibitor is welcomed by a large cloakroom for bags and coats. Whether you will use the cloakroom or not, you will for sure notice it. There are 9 panels to cover with your own eye-catching design, offering a guarantee to get noticed.

Charging station

ITEM 011
NOK 110 000 excl. VAT
  • Branded inside and outside
  • Customized message
  • Very visible

Brand inside walls and right hand outside walls of the charging station where delegates take a good rest to recharge their phones and laptops. The charging station is located in the glass promenade outside hall D.

There are 5 screens in the glass promenade providing an excellent platform to promote your company or product through video. Your ad will appear on all five screens. The screens will feature between maximum 15 slots, each showing for 15 seconds on a continually rotating basis.

Big LED screen

ITEM 012
NOK 37 500 Per. 15 sec.slot, excl. VAT
  • In glass promenade
  • 5 screens
  • Screen size: 4 by 3 meter ( 1920×1080)

Coffee sponsor

ITEM 013.1
NOK 165 000 15 000 recycled paper cups, excl. VAT

Coffee sponsor

ITEM 013.2
NOK 220 000 15 000 eatable cups , excl. VAT

Every morning, free fresh coffee is served to all exhibitors and visitors from several well positioned stalls as well as at the press room and breakout rooms. A much-appreciated gesture and you could be the appreciated sponsor of this service.

Get your message and logo carried around by loads of visitors by sponsoring the Nor-Shipping net that is handed out for free at the entrances. The Nor-Shipping Net have a large decoration surface with plenty of space for your message and logo.

Nor-Shipping Net

ITEM 014
NOK 275 000 excl. VAT
  • 15 000 psc
  • Dimensions: 38cm X 42cm
  • 30 cm long shoulder straps
  • Cotton, 100 g/m2.

Nor-Shipping Water

ITEM 015
NOK 265 000 excl. VAT
  • Pure Norwegian water
  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly bottle
  • 22 800 0,5 litre bottels
  • Extended distribution

The Nor-Shipping water is pure Norwegian water on paper bottles with lowest possible carbon footprint. Your brand will be on the bottles and be distributed at all speaker podiums, in the green rooms, at the Blue Talks, at all conference lunches,  to all conference delegates and more.

Meeting Point

ITEM 016
NOK 150 000 Excl. VAT
  • In glass promenade
  • 4 individual locations
  • With "floating" balloon

Meeting Point 1, 2, 3 & 4!
To make it easier for visitors to agree where to meet, Nor-Shipping is introducing 4 meeting points; one outside each hall entrance. Each meeting point have a large sticker on the floor and a tall lighted balloon to ensure they are visible regardless of where you are in the hallway. Your colours, logo and slogan will have central display on each sticker and balloon.

Service staff & desks

ITEM 017
NOK 275 000 excl. VAT
  • Dress up all service staff
  • Several service point desk

The many service staff available, to assist and support visitors and exhibitors all week, will be wearing your logo and punchline on the back of their shirt. The same message will also cover the front of the service desks, offering second to none brand exposure throughout the week.

The Nor-Shipping Magazine will contain feature articles and all you need to know about Nor-Shipping 2025.
Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, sell products, recruit staff, or attract more people to your stand, the Nor-Shipping Magazine will help you raise your brands profile by highlighting your presence amongst your competitors and maximise your exposure.
Advertising space within this magazine will be limited. Your ad can be sponsored content or a traditional ad, and we offer different options and rates.

Nor-Shipping Magazine

ITEM 018
NOK 20 000 Excl. VAT
  • Quarter page NOK 20 000,-
  • Half page NOK 30 000,-
  • Full page NOK 50 000,-
  • Insert NOK 50 000,-
  • Inside back cover NOK 75 000,-
  • Double page spread NOK 80 000,-
  • Inside front cover (page 2) NOK 100 000,-
  • Belly band NOK 100 000,-
  • Back cover NOK 125 000,-
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