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Shipping “super band” debuts on The Today Show by Nor-Shipping

The international event week has gathered together a band of shipping executives to entertain the audience tuning in to its unique talk show, The Today Show by Nor-Shipping, taking place on 1 June as part of the Ocean Now initiative. If popular demand dictates, the band will then look to a live performance during Nor-Shipping 2022 in January.

Group connection

So, who will be slipping out of their suits and donning the denim? Ståle Hansen, the CEO of Skuld, is on drums, joined by his colleague Hilde Torp on lead vocals. Viggo Bondi, Executive Director at the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, former member of Bridges (pre a-ha), is on bass, accompanied by fellow NSA executive John Anders Røse on keyboards. Per Martin Tanggaard, Nor-Shipping Director, is backing up his industry friends on guitar. Albeit, as he admits himself, somewhat nervously.

Hilde Torp from Skuld on lead vocals and Viggo Bondi, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, on bass.

“These guys are all very experienced and, in Viggo’s case, actually famous, so I think I need to get some practice in,” he laughs. “But we’re all united by a love of music and a desire, especially after the last year or so, to do something different and deliver some entertainment for the industry – a way of connecting, sharing and enjoying an experience together, even if we still have to do so virtually. It’s really just a bit of fun that, we believe, fits in perfectly with the lively format of the show.”

Ståle Hansen, CEO of Skuld, rehearsing on the drums.

Something for everyone

The Today Show by Nor-Shipping is the headline activity of the first day of Ocean Now, a hybrid two-day event conceived to help the industry continue collaborating, connecting and developing in the run-up to Nor-Shipping 2022.

The free-to-view digital ‘infotainment’ show features a diverse mix of content, assessing current market development, addressing major industry issues, and looking ahead at the trends and opportunities set to define the ocean space in the years to come. Confirmed guests so far include DNB CEO Kjerstin Braathen, DNV’s Remi Eriksen, Jarand Rystad, CEO Rystad Energy, and many more, with Pia Meling of autonomous shipping firm Massterly hosting proceedings.

Engaging audiences

“The main objective of the show, and of Ocean Now as a whole, is to deliver value to Nor-Shipping’s international audience,” Tanggaard continues. “However, we’re also aware that there’s an element of screen fatigue after the home office situation, so we want to shake things up with a new way of providing industry insight, intelligence, engagement and fun.

Per Martin Tanggaard, Nor-Shipping Director, on guitar.

“We’re all business people, but we’re all individuals – and working at home, letting people into our private lives over Teams and Zoom, has made that abundantly clear. I think that’s refreshing. This is really an extension of that. A way of virtually socialising and sharing something special with our friends throughout the industry. We think it’ll be great. But even if it’s not it’ll be something for everyone to talk about!”

NSA executive John Anders Røse on keyboards.

The band will meet the week before Ocean Now for rehearsals and to try and decide an appropriate name. Suggestions, Tanggaard says, are welcome, as are requests for songs to play in January. He would not confirm rumours of an imminent record deal, world tour, or who will play him in the inevitable Netflix series about the band.

“I’m not sure Brad Pitt can play the guitar,” he concludes with a laugh.

ACTION awaits

In addition to the show, Ocean Now will feature a new hydrogen conference – Nor-Shipping Hydrogen Blue Talks – Fuelling the Future, a high level UNGC debate, and an array of specially curated content organised over 1-2 June. Online registration and participation is free. See nor-shipping.com for details.

Nor-Shipping 2022 takes place in Lillestrøm and Oslo, 10-13 January 2022, and is focused on the theme of taking positive business #ACTION within the ocean space. The last Nor-Shipping, in 2019, attracted 50,000 international decision makers and close to 1,000 exhibiting companies.

Sign up for Ocean Now 1-2 June

1 June: Free registration with access to The Today Show and a number of events by leading maritime players such as DNV, DNB, Wärtsilä, Kongsberg, Jotun, TradeWinds, Skuld, NSA, Norwegian Maritime Authority, UNGC and more.

2 June: Nor-Shipping Hydrogen Blue Talks – Fuelling the Future is a paid-for, ticket only event, taking place both online and at Nor-Shipping’s Nova Studios in Lillestrøm, Norway. Price NOK 1 200,-.
50% discount for members of GCE NODE, GCE Ocean Technologies, H2 Cluster, Ocean Hyway Cluster, NCE Maritime Cleantech, NORWEP and Hydrogenforum.

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