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Jotun Hull Skating Solutions

For Ocean Now we are joining forces with industry leaders such as DNV and DNB to discuss how the shipping industry can become more sustainable, by preventing fouling growth and keeping an always clean hull.

Accumulation of fouling on a ship’s hull over time leads to a significant drop in performance, and an increase in the vessel’s fuel consumption and environmental footprint.

The shipping industry is under growing pressure from regulators and consumers to become more sustainable and reduce its impact on the environment. New regulations such as CII, EEXI and the Poseidon principles are adding pressure for ship owners to adopt new solutions to stay operational – but selecting the right solution can also have a positive impact on the operational efficiency and profitability, and make for a good business decision.

Introducing: Jotun Hull Skating Solutions

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions delivers an always clean hull and help ship operators combat early stage fouling, significantly reduce fuel costs, greenhouse gas emissions and the spread of invasive species. The solution – which combines antifouling, big data and robotics – is a groundbreaking approach to proactive cleaning, engineered to keep the hull free of fouling at all times.

The HullSkater. Photo: Jotun

A core component of the solution – the HullSkater is the onboard proactive cleaning technology.
The HullSkater is designed and optimized for proactive cleaning on the antifouling SeaQuantum Skate, using non-abrasive brushes to remove fouling without damaging the antifouling. The HullSkater is onboard the vessel at all times, in a portable unit station with launch and recovery ramp. No divers are needed, so the HullSkater can be used not only in harbour, but also at anchor.
The proactive cleaning approach minimizes performance loss – with no debris or waste – so it is safe and environmentally friendly. It has a high capacity and is remotely operated from shore through operating hubs that are open 24/7. The HullSkater is equipped with high definition inspection capabilities through multiple camera feeds, made possible by cloud-based storage and self-supplied power.

So… everyone will have a HullSkater now?

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions are disruptive and groundbreaking – and will contribute to making the shipping industry more sustainable. Jotun Hull Skating Solutions is designed to provide full operational flexibility for vessels in the most challenging operations. While antifouling coatings are purpose-designed to work perfectly at certain given operational parameters, Hull Skating Solutions guarantee an always clean hull for vessels operating outside the defined parameters.

The HullSkater below water. Photo: Jotun

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions is currently in the final verification stage. This means that we are working with carefully selected customers to the final technical verification of the solution for a variety of vessel types.

Partnerships are key

Making an impact on the environmental footprint of the shipping industry – we believe partnerships with industry leaders across different disciplines are key. When leaders in different industries come together to solve a common challenge results can by far exceed the results possible by a single supplier.

For the revolutionary Hull Skating Solutions, the solid partnership of Jotun, KONGSBERG and more was a big contribution to the successful launch.

Jotun is the world leader in Marine coatings, and we believe we can make a positive difference by developing new products and services that can help our customers meet new industry demands – while improving performance and make shipping cleaner and greener.

KONGSBERG Maritime is a world leader in marine systems, delivering high-tech products and services suitable for on- and offshore, merchant marine, subsea, navy, coastal marine, aquaculture, training services and more.

Join us at Ocean Now and get a look under the hood of the HullSkater, meet the Skater Operator – and get insights from industry leaders DNV and DNB into how we can contribute in making the shipping industry cleaner and greener.

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