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– You don’t have to travel around the world when you can go to Nor-Shipping

Technology leader Siv Remøy-Vangen believes everyone in the industry should attend the conference, but understands that some roles are prioritized. So, how do you convince your boss that you should go? Here are some tips.

Siv Remøy-Vangen attended Nor-Shipping for the first time in 2004 when she was a trainee as a shipbroker in Oslo. 

Now, she heads an exciting company on the West Coast of Norway: Norwegian Electric Systems, which is a total system supplier and system integrator of low and zero-emission propulsion, navigation and automation systems for a wide range of vessels.

“The week at Nor-Shipping is incredibly cool. You expand your network, get professional input, and, most importantly, it’s very social. I wish everyone who works in the industry could go there,” says Siv.

Siv says that the conference has evolved tremendously since the first time she attended. In the past, it may have catered to specific roles and parts of the industry. Now, it has become a meeting place for everyone in the maritime industry. 

Caption: Technology leader Siv Remøy-Vangen is looking forward to Nor-Shipping and believes it has evolved tremendously since she first attended in 2004. Photo: Cecilie Bannow.

Norwegian Electric Systems will have a booth in the exhibition, and Siv is looking forward to discussing products and solutions with customers and other interested parties.

“Instead of traveling around the world, we’re going to Lillestrøm. At Nor-Shipping, we meet both shipyards and ship designers, and we get to showcase what we’re working on, both existing solutions and new innovations we’re developing.”

However, as a leader, you have to make some priorities. Nor-Shipping is popular, but no company can send everyone. So: who among our employees will benefit the most from going? And who will the company benefit the most from sending there?

“Leaders must make such decisions, and my advice to you as an employee is to argue why it’s relevant for you to attend. Tell them what you’ll be doing there and what you’ll get out of it. Perhaps you have a new approach or argument your boss hasn’t thought of”, suggests Siv.

In light of this digital age we live in, we asked AI (ChatGPT) for it´s best tips – here’s what it said: 

To increase the chances of getting approval from leaders to attend a conference, here are some steps that employers can take:

  1. Do your research: Research the conference thoroughly and gather information about its benefits, agenda, speakers, and the topics that will be covered. Provide a clear explanation of how attending the conference can benefit the company.
  2. Create a business case: Create a persuasive business case that outlines the value and benefits of attending the conference. Highlight the return on investment and the potential for business growth that can come from attending the conference.
  3. Highlight your qualifications: Demonstrate your qualifications and experience, and explain how attending the conference will enhance your skills and knowledge. Provide specific examples of how attending the conference will help you to perform your job better.
  4. Show a plan: Develop a clear plan of action that outlines how you will share the knowledge and insights gained at the conference with your colleagues and how this will contribute to the company’s growth and success.
  5. Address costs: Be transparent about the costs associated with attending the conference, and provide a breakdown of the expenses. Explain how attending the conference is a valuable investment for the company and how it will contribute to the bottom line.
  6. Ask for feedback: Ask for feedback from your superiors and address any concerns they may have. Be open to compromise, such as attending a less expensive conference or finding ways to reduce costs.

By following these steps, employers can increase their chances of getting approval from leaders to attend Nor-Shipping. Will you try them? Get your ticket here

Nor-Shipping contributes to raising awareness among leaders

Siv praises the work Nor-Shipping does to strengthen diversity in the industry, which she believes helps make leaders more aware of what is important to attract new talent.

“They have done a great job of featuring women as speakers and moderators on stage,” she says.

A survey conducted among members of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association in 2020 showed that only 15 percent of all leadership positions in member companies are held by women. The proportion of women on boards is also just under 15 percent.

“If we consider that there are about 35 percent women in the industry, and the majority of these women work in finance, HR, and communication – not in engineering or sales, which the conference has previously been more relevant for – it is not surprising that there has been a predominance of men present there. Now, I see a change, and Nor-Shipping shows that they have this at the forefront of their minds,” concludes Siv.

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