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Nor-Shipping is commited to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability is central to everything we do at Nor-Shipping. Working together we believe this industry can look forwards to a brighter, greener, more profitable future within the ocean space.

Nor-Shipping is an official participating company of the Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business. Joining the Action Platform aligns with Nor-Shipping’s mission to support new sustainable solutions for the maritime industry. The Action Platform provides a chance for industry to work together and define a way forward for responsible leadership and business – creating an environment where we positively contribute to a more sustainable future, while still taking advantage of growing commercial opportunity.

Several meetings have been set up for the group working on the development of the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Ocean Business Action Platform, and we were proud to host the high-level meeting on the initiative in Norway at Nor-Shipping 2019. Read more.

Nor-Shipping achieves industry first with ISO sustainable event standard
Nor-Shipping set a new benchmark for the maritime and ocean event segment with achieving the ISO 20121 certification from DNV GL in June 2019. The certification was a collaborative effort in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 (revitalize global partnerships for sustainable development). Nor-Shipping, together with the ‘Project GREEN’ team at Norges Varemesse, managed the certification process alongside DNV GL. Read more.

The Nor-Shipping Principles
Nor-Shipping has released the very first ‘Nor-Shipping Principles’, detailing both a code of conduct for exhibitors and participants and its commitment to supporting, and encouraging others to support, key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more.

Sustainable Ocean Principles
Nor-Shipping has signed the Sustainable Ocean Principles and commits to ensure that material ocean-related risks and opportunities are integrated in corporate strategy, risk management and reporting. Read more.

The UN has created a platform with actionable potential. Nor-Shipping is delighted to play part in this development, contributing with industry bandwidth and international visibility. We encourage all our visitors and stakeholders in this industry to join us and support this cause.

The Blue Economy hall
Nor-Shipping 2019 devoted an entire hall to the theme of Blue Economy. This hall focused on showcasing and accelerating innovations and businesses that build commercial value in the ocean space, while safeguarding the environment and ensuring the sustainable use of resources. By providing content around maritime opportunities, this hall gathered pioneering examples of shipboard, port and underwater solutions, as well as cross-industry and business solutions. This is the world’s first dedicated commercial platform for maritime opportunities supporting the SDGs, showcasing tomorrow’s business solutions already today. Focus areas for the Blue Economy hall were based on the DNV GL opportunity report “Sustainable Development Goals – Exploring Maritime Opportunities – 2016”

Ocean Now Festival
The new initiative created an arena in Oslo during the Nor-Shipping week to highlight ocean industry start-ups, young talent, sustainability, technology and innovation.

‘Sea Meets Land’ funding initiative
Nor-Shipping and Nordic Innovation partnered in 2019 to help facilitate a new funding instrument aimed at supporting innovation and collaboration between land-based and ocean industries. From our perspective this initiative complements the Sustainable Development Goals Nor-Shipping has committed to, with particular regard to SDG 17, Partnerships for the Goals. We want to encourage and enable new partnerships within the ocean space, creating not just business opportunity for our core maritime audience, but also feeding into the creation of sustainable activity that helps meet society’s needs going forward. Read more.

SHE Index
Nor-Shipping has partnered with SHE Index and invites you to also join the SHE Index. We believe what get’s measured get’s done. The future workforce is an equal one and equality matters. Read more

The goals
Joining the Action Platform complements Nor-Shipping’s mission to support new sustainable solutions for the maritime industry. The Nor-Shipping exhibition and event programme tailor activity to address numerous SDG’s, with special focus on Gender Equality (SDG 5), Climate Action (SDG 13), Life Below Water (SDG 14) and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17).

Learn more about the goals and what we do

Investing in the future
For sustainable business, progressive environmental focus is increasingly imperative. With an increasingly complex risk picture, finance institutions take the environment very seriously and ask their customers and partners to do the same. Poor environmental performance will reject loans investors – and in some cases there may be no access to new financing at all. Those with smaller climate footprints will enjoy more favourable terms, with financial products geared to reward sustainability credentials. Here are examples of financial institutions that focus on ocean sustainability:

Norges bank – Investment Management. Ocean Sustainability

Nordea – Sustainable financing

HSBC – Sustainable finance

BNP Paribas – Sustainable finance

DNB – Sustainability is part of DNB’s strategy

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