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Race is on for prime Nor-Shipping 2023 stands

After the recent success of Nor-Shipping 2022 the clock is already ticking for the next outing of ‘Your Arena for Ocean Solutions’. Instead of the usual two-year gap, Nor-Shipping is aiming to get back on schedule after the pandemic, with the next event week set for its original date of 6-9 June 2023.


What a week! After over two years of enforced separation the maritime and ocean community relished the chance to ‘ditch the digital’ and meet face-to-face. The atmosphere, energy and opportunity made for an unforgettable Nor-Shipping.

Accelerating the future with Katapult

Sometimes you have to approach a challenge ‘back to front’ to find the right solution. Just ask business accelerator Katapult Ocean at the Blue Economy Start-up Day…

CollaborACTION: fuelling future developments

Day three of Nor-Shipping sees further examples of how key ocean stakeholders can partner to unlock added value for the industry, with a selection of targeted events tailored to address some of today’s, and tomorrow’s, biggest issues.

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