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PODCAST: Sailing the seas sustainably

Skuld has dedicated its first ever podcast to the topic of how to create, and maintain, a crew culture focused on sustainability and success at sea.

How crew culture impacts upon the environment, safety and success

Skuld has dedicated its first ever podcast to the topic of how to create, and maintain, a crew culture focused on sustainability and success at sea.

Making waves
Seafarers are vital stakeholders: for both the maritime industry and, through their actions, experiences and ability to influence, for society as a whole. Their approach to sustainability creates waves far beyond the vessels they operate on, impacting upon the success of businesses, environmental campaigns, and the broader long-term viability of shipping itself.

But how can shipowners and operators create a culture whereby sustainable principles and practices are embedded on vessels, regardless of locations, operations and crew nationality? How can seafarer education and well-being impact positively upon the environment, society, and business reputation and performance? And how can P&I clubs deliver real value to the industry in this context, enabling new solutions and improved standards relating to crews, safety and sustainability?

All these ‘big questions’ are up for debate in the Skuld podcast ‘Growing Sustainable Culture in Crew’.

Expert insights
In association with Nor-Shipping 2019, ‘Your Arena for Ocean Solutions’, an expert team of Skuld executives discuss how organisations can move from defining principles to maintaining on board practices.

Areas as diverse as pollution, diet, mental health, safety, engagement and education are all on the agenda, helping listeners get a broad perspective of the issues at hand and the opportunities on the horizon.

Our podcast participants are:

Silje Bareksten – Head of Sustainability and Technology at Nor-Shipping

Trude Husebø – Chief Human Resource Officer, Skuld

Bjørn Flåm – Senior Vice President, Skuld

Flavia Mellilo – Head of Claims Processes, Skuld

Joe Maguire – Technical Manager, Skuld

Geir Jørgensen – Global Head of Loss Prevention, Skuld

Facilitating change
Sustainability is crucial to Skuld’s mission of ‘protecting ocean industries’. We actively support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and believe insurance companies can play an important role in facilitating them. This new podcast, and the ones that follow, will focus on that remit.

Happy listening everybody!

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