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The Ocean
Thought Leaders

The Ocean Thought Leaders is a series of articles with the very best minds, from the very best companies, who know our ocean better than almost anyone else.
Our ocean thought leaders are CEO’s, chairpeople and business heads that, for the most part, have built their expertise in maritime and are now looking to how they can use their firm’s unique competency, experience, infrastructure and networks to drive future success in both shipping and the ocean space.

Financing the future

Jan Ole Huseby, Head of Global Ocean Industries at DNB, one of the world’s leading ‘ocean

Driving ambition – Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Lasse Kristoffersen, CEO at Wallenius Wilhelmsen, is on a mission. He doesn’t want to wait for shipping’s green transition, he wants to shape it – collaborating with likeminded partners to decarbonise supply chains and demonstrate possibilities, both with tech and new ways of working. Are you ready for transformation? Let’s roll…

Oslo tops chart for shipping listings

Øivind Amundsen, CEO of the Oslo Børs, the Norwegian Stock Exchange, part of the Euronext Group, ‘shares’ his thoughts on why Norway offers an unmatched infrastructure for raising capital amid a market uptick in new listing sectors like containers and car carriers.

Funding ambitions

Jan Ole Huseby, EVP Global Head of Ocean Industries, DNB, assesses how the financial sector can help shipping and ocean businesses meet sustainable objectives, while offering expert analysis of today’s, and tomorrow’s, key challenges and opportunities.

Transitioning with confidence

Håkan Agnevall, CEO at Wärtsilä, wants to position the marine and energy giant as the natural partner for an industry, and society, looking to translate climate ambition to reality. His vision is clear and, he argues ahead of Nor-Shipping 2022, real change is already tantalisingly close at hand.

Sustainability: from outer space to the ocean space

KONGSBERG CEO Geir Håøy is focused on harnessing the diverse technology, skills and knowledge of the group to play a crucial role in supporting industry’s energy transition. Here he explains, ahead of Nor-Shipping 2022, how the firm can deliver a full spectrum of lifecycle support in the drive for a more sustainable tomorrow.

The true fuel of the future

Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO Maritime, DNV says we can’t rise to our greatest challenge alone, either as individuals or an industry. We need to work together. He believes his company, and platforms like Nor-Shipping, can be crucial in enabling the collaboration a carbon neutral future demands.

Unique approach

Jotun, the world’s leading supplier of marine coatings, isn’t scared to create waves in the quest for better solutions, results and environmental performance. Here CEO Morten Fon explains how a little disruption can go a long way – for the firm, its customers and wider society.

marius Hermansen astrup

Next Generation Ambition

Marius Hermansen, the new CEO at Astrup Fearnley, is focused on helping the 150-year-old business transition for a new age of prosperity – with fresh talent, smarter ways of working, and a burning desire to modernize shipbroking services to deliver added value for clients.

Policy for progress

Ståle Hansen, President and CEO of Skuld, discusses how personal relationships, expert insight and an open approach to risk can unlock the action needed for sustainable success in the ocean space. Together, he argues, we can super-charge a post-pandemic transformation.