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Ocean Solutions Award

Nor-Shipping is the destination for ocean opportunity.

The Ocean Solutions Award is also closely connected to Nor-Shipping every year theme, and will highlight the concepts, and businesses that are making a positive impact. This is what the world wants to see. How to turn possibility into profit, how to transform challenges into solutions, and how to work towards a better tomorrow today.

Who can be nominated?

The award will recognise one of the participants in the show as it is open only to exhibitors, participants in the workshops and conference programmes, or invited presenters at other events during the Nor-Shipping week.
It has been left deliberately wide ranging so as to permit entries from a varied cross section of exhibitors and show participants.

How to nominate

Nominations can be made by anyone within the international maritime community. You can nominate more than one candidate, using separate forms.

Deadline for nomination TBA


The Award is open to a service, design, concept, or equipment item in the area of either Ocean Sustainability, Logistics or Operation.

The service, design, concept, or equipment item must either be currently available or near to commercialisation.

Entrant should be prepared to provide basic facts and figures on impact, sales etc. Essentially this is to demonstrate that the entry is not for an embryonic idea but rather for something that is presently in, or very soon will be in, a position to benefit the industry or aspects of it.

Entrants must complete an entry form detailing their reason for entering and demonstrating fulfilment with the entry criteria.

Judges will be assessing entries on the basis of:
  • Originality of the service, design, concept, or equipment item.
  • Impact with regard to either Ocean Sustainability, Logistics, or Ship Operation
  • Addressing current or anticipated challenges for the industry
  • Expected benefit for the industry generally and to users/customers specifically
  • Applying best practices or ideas from other industries
  • The winner will be selected by a jury of independent persons invited by the show organisers to act as jury members. In the event of extremely high entry numbers, there may be a pre-screening process by Nor-Shipping and the Award President. Remaining entries will then be subject to rounds of voting by the judges acting independently to compile a short list of six entries. The winner and runners up will be determined by the judges after deliberations and voting as a jury.

Selected Nominees can display a logo or certificate on their stand during the show. Short-listed and winning entries will have some additional identification.

The award will be presented at the Nor-Shipping Ocean Leadership Conference on 6 June 2023.

Jury details

The jury consist of dedicated professionals representing a diversity of segments and geographical presence, including representatives from the Award Partner and Award Media Partner.

The jury’s chairman is Malcolm Latarche, an industry expert and freelance maritime journalist, who has led our award juries since 2013.

The 2023 Ocean Solutions Award jury
  • Jan Kvålsvold, Director, Global Business Development, DNV
  • Pia Christine Helland, Senior Vice President, DNB Ocean Industries
  • Susan Oatway, Research Analyst, Journal of Commerce
  • Sidsel Norvik, Director, Nor-Shipping
  • Kuba Szysmanski, Secretary General, Intermanager
  • Paul Gunton, Technical Editor, ShipInsight
  • Erik Giercksky, Head, Sustainable Ocean Business, UN Global Compact
  • Anders Valland, Research Manager, SINTEF Ocean
  • Knut Erik Dahle, Head of Conference & Event, Nor-Shippig

Jury Chairman Malcolm Latarche

Ocean Solutions Award Partner

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