Nor-Shipping TV in a new format for 2023, evolving from a news focused platform to an entertaining event TV delivering a true recap of coverage of our conferences, exhibition halls and one-to-one interviews in our new studio.

Nor-Shipping TV will provide unique content for visitors and exhibitors at the show as well as to the global maritime audiences. The interviews will adopt a fresh format for Nor-Shipping, with the action unfolding in our studio situated in the main glass promenade at the exhibition halls, helping build a live audience atmosphere.

Be in the spotlight at Nor-Shipping

Nor-Shipping TV offers a unique opportunity for second to none branding on Nor-Shipping web, app, SOME and of course on site during Nor-Shipping week.

There are two alternative sponsor levels and both levels include logo on the player, on camera crew shirts and on studio wall as well as one or two high-level interviews depending on level. All interviews will have vast distribution across the Nor-Shipping channels.

For more details or to book one of the exclusive packages, please contact Tereza Kjos

Nor-Shipping TV Lead sponsor

Extensive package
kr 250 000
  • Large logo on the studio wall ​
  • Large logo on crew t-shirt ​
  • Visibility around screen frame
  • One interview prior to Nor-Shipping
  • One interview during Nor-Shipping
Max 2 Sponsors

Nor-Shipping TV sponsor

Small package
kr 100 000
  • Small logo on the studio wall ​
  • Small logo on crew t-shirt ​
  • Visibility around screen frame
  • One interview during Nor-Shipping
Max 10 sponsors

Distribution channels – valid from signing and through 31 December 2023:

All prices in NOK and additional 25%VAT