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Nor-Shipping – saluting the world’s maritime women

This International Women’s Day, Nor-Shipping would like to take the opportunity to celebrate and support the increasing influence and achievements of women in shipping and the ocean industries.

Although still under-represented in the broader industry (with only around 2% of seafarers female), Sidsel Norvik, Nor-Shipping Director, says momentum is growing for increased diversity and inclusion, especially on land.

Talent doesn’t discriminate

“Talent is talent, regardless of gender,” Norvik says. “There are an increasing number of bright women making their mark in this industry, especially within high profile leadership positions. This is positive in terms of equality, inclusion and diversity, and that’s key for industry progress.”

Sidsel Norvik, Nor-Shipping Director

She explains: “The more women we have as role models, the more other talented women will be aware of the abundant opportunities within the ocean space. So, rather than talking about a ‘challenge’ facing shipping, I’d rather focus on the opportunity here. We’re building in the right direction and, although there’s clearly much to do, there’s also huge potential for talented women to help steer this industry towards a bright future.”

Supporting progress

Nor-Shipping, which has a long history of working with WISTA, is committed to SDG 5 (diversity and gender equality) and works hard to showcase and support women within the maritime and ocean industries. Nor-Shipping 2023, taking place 6-9 June in Oslo and Lillestrøm, has chosen Captains Without Borders (CWB) as a main charity partner this year.

CWB works to support female maritime cadets from underrepresented groups, helping them towards successful careers as bridge officers. To find out more please see www.captainswithoutborders.org

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