Exhibition opening hours: Tuesday 3 June – Thursday 5 June 10.00 – 17.00 | Friday 6 June 10.00 – 15.00   |   Read our FAQ

The Offshore Aquaculture Conference

Offshore Aquaculture rely on world-class ocean technologies from the Maritime- and Oil & Gas industries to build the next generation sea-based food production. Aquaculture is the most rapidly expanding food industry in the world as it delivers on the need for increased food production to a growing world population.

The 2nd Offshore Aquaculture Conference

Co-operation and joint developments among ocean-based industries will be crucial to the implementation and the international expansion of offshore aquaculture. The 2023 Offshore Aquaculture conference invites you to learn more about the international market potential and to meet the players that will define the Offshore Aquaculture industry decades to come.

Please contact Director Sidsel Norvik at sn@nor-shipping.com for further information.

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