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Nor-Shipping 2025 over 80% sold out as demand opens Upper Deck

Nor-Shipping’s 60th anniversary exhibition is gearing up to be the most popular yet. Organisers say that existing pre-sales records have been “smashed”, with over 80% of the main hall space now sold out. In a bid to meet demand, the second floor above the mezzanine in Hall D has been opened up and is christened the Upper Deck. Ocean Campus, which brings together academic institutions, students and established industry players, will anchor parts of this new exciting area.

Quality and quantity

Tereza Kjos, who leads sales for Nor-Shipping, says it demonstrates a clear case of demand fuelling supply.

“This is the first time the second floor has been used at Nor-Shipping, so it’s a testimony to the increased interest we’re experiencing for 2025,” Kjos comments. “2023 was a huge success in both the quantity of participants and the quality of the conference and event programme, and I think that has given us real market momentum.”

Tereza Kjos, Sales Manager at Nor-Shipping

She continues: “Upper Deck is very visible from hall D and will be an innovative space with an intimate feel, and the energy of the lively Ocean Campus stand will ensure a great atmosphere. We have new national pavilions signed up, showing how we’re constantly evolving to showcase the unique strengths of Nor-Shipping in our global industry. It may seem a little early to say this, but anyone that hasn’t booked and don’t want to be left out, should consider moving soon to secure a space. The 2025 anniversary Nor-Shipping is going to be big!”

An updated hall map has just been published at www.nor-shipping.com giving both a flavour of the new layout and some of the big names that have booked stands. Amongst them are Norwegian Offshore Wind (NOW), which ran the first ever offshore wind pavilion at Nor-Shipping 2023, and leading shipbuilder VARD.

Ocean opportunities

Arne Vatnøy, Head of Communication of NOW comments: “Offshore wind is booming and our members, representing the entire industry value chain, are perfectly positioned to help international players realise their development potential. Nor-Shipping brings the world of ocean business together in one place, so it’s the perfect arena for us to showcase our member´s competency and forge important relationships. We had a great time in 2023 and are looking forward to accelerating progress further in 2025.”

Arne Vatnøy, Head of Communication of Norwegian Offshore Wind

Christian Utvik, SVP sales & marketing at VARD Group adds: “Nor-Shipping aligns with VARD’s focus on innovation, quality, and sustainable business at sea. As an event reflecting industry trends and setting agendas, it’s important for a global shipbuilder like VARD to attend”.

Christian Utvik, SVP sales & marketing at VARD Group

Added value events

The overall theme and programme for Nor-Shipping 2025 are currently being designed to add extra value for a growing international audience. In 2023 total participants numbered over 50,000 professionals from 84 countries, including those at conferences, networking events and official social arrangements.

Organisers will be planning to build on the excitement of a 2023 programme that featured conference speakers of the calibre of US diplomat John F. Kerry, Dr Andrew Forrest of Fortescue Metals Group and Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz, alongside conferences including the first Offshore Wind Conference, the first Offshore Aquaculture Conference and the second Nor-Shipping Hydrogen Conference, amongst many other activities.

For further details, and to book a stand, please see www.nor-shipping.com

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