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Exhibitor experience with Storm & Bull Shipping

Nor-Shipping brings people together – sharing knowledge, creating networks and forging profitable #PartnerShips. The same could be said of Storm & Bull, the latest participant in our series of articles focusing on the exhibitor experience at Your Arena for Ocean Solutions.

Oslo and Haugesund-based Storm & Bull connect Norwegian shipowners and operators with shipyards across the world, working from the start to the completion (and beyond) of projects to ensure excellent communication, understanding and results. With experience in everything from drydockings through to vessel conversions, the team utilise Nor-Shipping as a platform to connect with the industry, build relationships and create awareness of their expertise.

Here’s their lowdown on Nor-Shipping 2022 and the ‘view from the halls’.

If you’d like to join Storm & Bull and book one of the remaining stands for Nor-Shipping 2023 please do get in touch soon.

Describe your Nor-Shipping 2022 experience in five words?

Exciting, crowded, inspiring, door opener!

What was the highlight of Nor-Shipping 2022 for your company?

Simple. It was meeting up with the industry again after two years with COVID. A fantastic, and very long overdue, experience.

What was the main focus of your Nor-Shipping activity?

We didn’t have a particular focus beyond engaging with the industry, face-to-face, and boosting awareness of our services and expertise. This is our home ground, so it’s great to welcome the world here, meet new people and strengthen existing relationships.

Storm&Bull at Nor-Shipping 2022.

What surprised you about Nor-Shipping 2022?

To be honest, we were delighted that it turned out to be crowded as we’d hoped for! There was continued caution coming off the back of the pandemic, and that tempered expectations, but the halls were still packed and the energy was very, very positive.

Why is Nor-Shipping such an important fixture on the industry event calendar?

It’s obviously one of the largest events we have, but beyond that it’s the fact that it brings such a wide range of people together in one place, from all industry segments. You can meet anyone walking through the halls here! That’s a great strength.

Apart from your own exhibition stand, was there another one that impressed you?

Absolutely! There were a lot of stands that made us think about what we could do in the future. Some people put so much effort in to their exhibition presence… and we found that inspiring.

What are your hopes and expectations for Nor-Shipping 2023?

As a company with a global perspective, we want to see all the world operating on ‘business as usual’ again. We really missed some of our Asian colleagues in 2022, so I hope they can travel more freely in 2023. It’ll be great to see them! Oh, and we’re also looking forward to the big summer barbeque again!

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