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Support the Red Cross in Ukraine

The Red Cross is working relentlessly to raise much needed funds for humanitarian work in Ukraine. The situation is increasingly difficult, with a dire need for food, water, vital medicines and support for a civilian population suddenly living on the frontline of war.

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Nor-Shipping on track for January 2022

Nor-Shipping remains committed to running a full-scale exhibition programme in January, inviting international and domestic maritime and ocean decision makers to showcase innovation, share knowledge and build crucial business partnerships.

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Young Entrepreneur Award – The proof of the pudding

Past winners’ passion and enthusiasm have made the Nor-Shipping Young Entrepreneur Award a highlight of the Nor-Shipping week. Winners of the YE Award have achieved recognition for their ideas and concepts, but the mark of a successful entrepreneur is staying power and making those ideas succeed over time.

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Why exhibit?

Nor-Shipping is where ideas are put into ACTION: where potential turns to profit, where people become partners, where innovation enables transformation. This is where

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