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Stand equipment

Everything you need for your stand can be ordered from us. Please note that deadline for ordering stand equipment is 1 October 2021.

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#ACTION on the agenda for 2022

As an industry, as a world, we need action! Nor-Shipping 2022 is the place to experience it. We want to celebrate the players that are prospering in the ocean, help enable those that wish to, encourage new partnerships, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and demonstrate to all our stakeholders that there is opportunity in challenges.

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ECOsubsea set to clean up in shipping

Norwegian brothers Tor and Klaus Østervold finally have proof of concept for their revolutionary ECOsubsea hull cleaning technology. Here Tor explains how this young business will help maritime rid itself of an age-old problem.

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The exhibitor experience

Wulff Entre is the Official Finland Pavilion Organizer and a repeat exhibitor at Nor-Shipping. We spoke with Ninnia Arion, CEO Wulff Entre, to hear about her Nor-Shipping experiences.

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