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Action stations!

We talk about possibilities, when we need profits. 
We discuss ocean challenges, when the planet demands sustainable change. 
We speak of tomorrow’s talent, when competency is required today.

The world needs to see ocean ACTION now – discovering the solutions, projects and people that are unlocking real value, achieving real results, and making real progress.

Welcome to Nor-Shipping 2021! For the next Your Arena for Ocean Solutions we have our sights firmly set on ACTION, showcasing who is doing what, and how, to achieve tangible industry success.

This is where the business of the ocean comes to life.
Be a part of the ACTION.

Join us at Nor-Shipping 2021!

Partner up for 2023!

No one can face the future alone. In ocean business, and beyond, we need to work together to tackle the big issues of our time, transforming challenges into opportunities.

At Nor-Shipping 2023 we will focus on creating an arena to enable, support and showcase #PartnerShip – helping us leverage individual strengths for collective gains.Nor-Shipping welcomes players across segments, sectors, industries and borders, bringing the world together for a brighter, more sustainable and profitable business future.And we are looking forward to see you in Oslo – Lillestrøm 6-9 June 2023

About Nor-Shipping

Nor-Shipping is at the centre of the oceans. This is where the maritime and ocean industries meet every two years – a natural hub for key decision makers from across the world to connect, collaborate and do deals to unlock new business opportunity. This is your arena for ocean solutions.

Sustainable success

The world is looking to the oceans. As populations, consumer activity and energy demand rise people require new solutions, from new arenas. Maritime is central to realizing the huge potential on, above and below the waves – driving trade, enabling new industries and keeping the business world turning. Nor-Shipping is the platform for sustainable ocean development, helping leading maritime players plot profitable courses into the future. Nor-Shipping is commited to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is an official partner for the Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business. Read more

The home of innovation

Nor-Shipping is where cutting edge Norwegian and international companies showcase the innovations that deliver competitive advantage for their customers – driving new efficiencies, improving processes and enhancing performance. This is the place where the maritime, tech, finance and wider business segments cross paths to learn from one another, forge partnerships, and access new economic value creation. 

Nor-Shipping’s 21,000 square metre exhibition space is the beating heart of the week’s activity. This is where delegates and visitors can experience the products, services and companies that will help drive a new age of ocean industry development.

It is a dynamic festival of talented people and innovative products – designed to help you deliver on your ocean industry ambitions.

The Ocean Leadership

The Ocean Leadership Conference celebrates successes, outlines challenges and helps steer a course for the development of the industry, as true global visionaries share their thoughts on some of today’s, and tomorrow’s, most pressing issues. Read more

Facts and figures 2022

Nor-Shipping 2022 attracted almost 30,000 participants, with 596 of the world’s leading maritime companies showcasing products and services to the industry, future talent and shipping value chain stakeholders.

The Ocean Leadership Conference 2022 covered the most crucial areas for maritime and ocean businesses. From world risk and security, through to evolving maritime regulations, innovative digital technology, changing market and geopolitical drivers, new energy demands, and, crucially, enabling sustainability, both commercially and environmentally.