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Using ships to meet global needs for surgery

More than 21 million people is estimated to die annually due to lack of safe, timely and accessible surgery. Mercy Ships is using customized ships to face the need in the poorest regions of our planet.

For 40 years, the international charity Mercy Ships has used customized hospital ships to bring hope to forgotten poor by providing free surgeries and healthcare where it is scarce. Their volunteer professionals collaborate with local and international partners to improve health outcomes and delivery systems in the African countries served. Mercy Ships operates the world’s largest civilian hospital ship; Africa Mercy.

The need for safe, timely and accessible surgery is immense in Africa. Research by The Lancet Global Health Commission on High Quality Health Systems shows that a minimum of 4,2 million people is dying every year due to failing quality on surgical services provided in low- and middle-income countries. An additional 17 million dies annually because they do not have access to needed surgery at all. The lack of safe, timely and accessible surgery can be argued as mankind’s main reason for death.

Each year, 1 200 volunteers representing more than 40 nationalities serves onboard the hospital ship Africa Mercy, with over 400 onboard at any given time. Players in the maritime industry provides Mercy Ships with valuable support in various ways. Manpower, maintenance, expertise, equipment and funds is given in order to empower this growing wave of mercy called Mercy Ships.

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Mercy Ships is the charity partner of Nor-Shipping 2019

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