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Unlimited ambitions with Christiaan Niijst, Director and Co-founder, Value Maritime

Rewarding action

Value Maritime is a name carefully chosen.

The Rotterdam-based firm, formed in 2017, looks to enable a new age of sustainable shipping, while incentivising green operations, with its unique Filtree filtering system and CarbonCapture technology. Working together, the solution filters sulphur and ultra-fine particles from exhaust gases and purifies wash water, while the patented capture and storage system turns emissions into assets by filling specially designed ‘CO2 batteries’ for use in onshore industries. The result is financial reward for making a sustainable shift.

In other words, real value.

That’s the kind of innovative thinking, and action, that impressed the judging panel and secured this year’s award for Christiaan (and his hardworking team of engineers and financial experts).

Here he is with some words of wisdom:

What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the industry, and how can we work together to address it?

For us, as for others, it’s regulatory developments… or rather the lack of them. Our technology, and its benefits, are proven, but regulations are still playing catch up and that creates a sense of uncertainty.

There’s a lot of talk about CO2 but, in the end, you need to pay for the CO2 removed from the vessels. So, we designed our product to allow us to install equipment that has a good value proposition. We designed our system to be able to deal with uncertainty and give the owner an easy choice to remove CO2, but only remove it when the market environment is there. The goal is to provide tools that will make the shipping industry more sustainable AND more profitable.

One of the other challenges the industry faces is the need for immediate results and improved performance. Value Maritime has been working hard to provide sustainable solutions for tomorrow, today. It is a new solution, but it is proven, applied technology, not a pipe dream.

Value Maritime’s Filtree system – it pays to be sustainable.

Why do you think the maritime industry is the right place for young people to work?

Because the industry needs them!

We need the new ideas and perspectives of young people to help transition our industry in the most efficient way, future-proofing our businesses for tomorrow.

What change would you like to see within the next five to ten years?

Further cooperation amongst all players in the sustainable shipping supply chain.

Sustainable success – Value Maritime’s proven solution.

Please describe your experience with the Young Entrepreneur Award?

This was a really proud moment for me and the entire Value Maritime team, past and present. To be recognised by my peers in the industry and follow in the footsteps of some of the great maritime tech inventors of our time is a huge honour.

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