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Unlimited ambitions with Amalie Eilertsen, CEO, Norsjór 

A new approach to biofouling

Biofouling is one of the maritime industry’s most pressing problems. Aquatic organisms love hitching a ride on vessel hulls, forming their own moving ecosystems that create friction (impacting upon fuel consumption, emissions and speed loss) and contributing to the spread of invasive species worldwide.

Norsjór believe they may have the optimal solution at hand. This young tech start-up has developed a way to remove biofouling with lasers; protecting marine environments and delivering optimal efficiency for vessel hulls.

Here’s CEO Amalie Eilertsen talking about the challenges, and opportunities, inherent in creating a sustainable industry future:

What do you see as the greatest challenge facing the industry, and how can we work together to address it?

The biggest challenge is collaboration, or more precisely, a lack of collaboration. We know what it takes, there’s a world of smart people out there who can develop new technology, but we need collaboration to catalyse and streamline solutions.

A more sustainable maritime and ocean industry is not about a single solution, but multiple threads of solutions that are intertwined, weaving the fabric of a greener future. The transition to sustainable energy will not have an impact if we do not look at energy efficiency at the same time. The same applies to several other areas and industries that are needed to ensure the potential of this crucial SDG.

Dare to speak up and take action!

Norsjór targets biofouling with laser technology.

Why do you think the maritime industry is the right place for young people to work?

The oceans are arguably our most important resource. Today’s young people must safeguard and manage them responsibly, so I think there’s no better place to focus their efforts. It doesn’t matter what your academic background is, you just need to have the joy, curiosity and passion to make a difference.

What change would you like to see within the next five to ten years?

I hope to see an industry that can work together to enable measurable changes at all levels. An industry that dares to invest and embrace new technology. Which extends a hand and helps smaller technology companies reduce risk and dare to explore what is possible. Also, financing should be easier to archive, combined with a streamlined cooperation between the world’s funding schemes. The chances are that your company’s breakthrough solution is desperately needed all over the world, not just where you think it is.

Please describe your experience with the Young Entrepreneur Award?

The entire Norsjór team were thrilled with our inclusion in the final shortlist. When Nor-Shipping 2022 opened its doors and we got to see our logo on the big screen in front of shipping professionals from all over the world we felt immensely proud. It was an important milestone, to say the least.
Overall, it was a great chance to network with investors and other start-ups, as well as established companies. It was an unbelievable experience, and we’re really looking forward to next year!  

Any other comments?

Norsjór are currently looking for forward-thinking investors and potential commercial, technical or financial partners. Collaboration is the key to unlocking new potential – let’s face the future together!

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