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Global A-list to reconnect for #ACTION at Nor-Shipping Ocean Leadership Conference

Taking place on January 10 in Lillestrøm, near Oslo, the conference fires the starting gun for Nor-Shipping’s busy exhibition and event week, inviting ocean leaders on stage for keynote presentations and discussions, while gathering an “A-list” audience to mingle, connect and re-energise industry ambition. The overall theme of the first ever winter Nor-Shipping will be #ACTION, with a conference focus on Money, People and Power.

Welcoming the world

“Our opening conference has always been a natural hub for C-level executives and stakeholders to gather, mix and share knowledge about the latest developments and the future of our industry,” comments Nor-Shipping Head of Conference and Event, Knut Erik Dahle. “This time it’ll be even more relevant and exciting, as it’ll arguably be the first conference of this kind, with this remit, to offer a physical venue and the promise of face-to-face interaction and energy.

Knut Erik Dahle, Nor-Shipping Head of Conference and Event, can’t wait to gather top industry executives and influencers at the Ocean Leadership Conference.

“From what we’ve heard, from both participants and audience members, that is a hugely welcoming prospect – offering them the chance to engage with other leaders, build understanding and identify mutual opportunity. This is long overdue, and it’s our belief the conference can work as a powerful platform for business progress and the positive #ACTION our oceans so sorely need.”

Recipe for success

The Nor-Shipping Ocean Leadership Conference will investigate ways companies can build more resilient, profitable and environmentally responsible business models, while assessing the horizon of opportunities and challenges ahead. Proceedings have been split into three themed sections, with a focus on how Money, People and Power will define future success.

Money (TRANS#ACTION) looks into the role the financial world will play in the decarbonisation of shipping, while People (INTER#ACTION) assesses how the industry can attract and develop the talent required to navigate an uncertain future. Finally, Power (PRO#ACTION) showcases the ocean’s power brokers, with expert insights from influential regulators, cargo owners, shipowners, Class, and more.

Revamped, refreshed, reopen for business

In a change from recent years, the 2022 leadership conference will move into Nor-Shipping’s own Nova Studios, part of owner Norges Varemesse’s modern exhibition complex in Lillestrøm. This will bring the audience and speakers “closer to the action” while providing a revamped, comfortable and optimal environment for both keynotes, round-table discussions and industry mingling.

“Nova Studios has been tailored to perform as Nor-Shipping’s new large-scale conference and event destination,” explains Dahle. “We’ve invested heavily to develop a spacious, comfortable and refined meeting place, with an excellent stage and audio-visual specifications, alongside a welcoming hospitality offering.

Nova Studios studio will be tailored to create the best possible experience for all participants at the Ocean Leadership Conference.

“We’re so excited to launch this venue and help kick-start what we hope is a new era of interaction, opportunity and prosperity for our industry. We’ll be confirming an array of big-name speakers in the next few weeks and months, so stay tuned for the latest updates… and look forward to re-engaging with fellow ocean leaders very soon!”

Nor-Shipping, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, take places 10-13 January 2022 at Norges Varemesse’s complex in Lillestrøm, Norway’s largest exhibition and conference facility, and at venues across Oslo (just ten minutes away by train).

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