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This is your time, this is your opportunity

Welcome to Nor-Shipping 2019, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions.

Welcome to Nor-Shipping 2019, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions.

We stand at a crossroads, for industry and the world. Environmental concerns are growing, but so too is global population and demand. In this context it can be difficult to know where to look, how to perform a seemingly impossible balancing act. But what if the world looks to the ocean? What if the world looks to you?

Per Martin Tanggaard, Director Nor-Shipping


Pivotal role
The ocean is our most important and precious resource and, handled with care, it can provide the food, employment, energy and growth the world demands. Approached with the right technology, competence, innovation and, most important of all, responsibility, we can unlock unique business potential sustainably, in a manner that cares for the fragile environment.

Foto: Audun Rikardsen

But we can only achieve this with your expertise. The maritime and ocean industries have a pivotal role to play in successful global development. You have the assets, experience, solutions and, crucially, the people to unlock future opportunity. If we work together – and that principle is at very the heart of Nor-Shipping – we can share knowledge, build partnerships and devise strategies to enable a new age of profitable, environmentally responsible development.

This may seem like a pipedream, an unobtainable ambition, but it is not. It is a necessity. And that’s the belief driving Nor-Shipping 2019.

New business landscape
So you may notice a few changes at this year’s Nor-Shipping. Shipping is still our focus – it always will be – but we’re also working to introduce new business players and activities that can help the maritime industry take advantage of the unique potential on the horizon.

For example, Hall A has been transformed into the Blue Economy Hall. This innovative, intimate and immersive space houses game-changing businesses and ideas that are committed to achieving commercial success while contributing to safeguarding ocean resources, people, assets and livelihoods. Commercial and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive, they can feed off and support one another – and Hall A is the place to experience this.

Leading the way
Our traditional Opening Conference has been reimagined as the Ocean Leadership Conference. We also have Ocean Now, a new initiative in central Oslo to connect the maritime industry with tomorrow’s talent – building bridges between students, large corporations and start-ups.

Add on knowledge sharing events like the Blue Talks, the DNB Ocean Stage presentations, and our Technical Seminars, mix with the social activities of Festival Street and beyond, and you have a unique programme to support our main exhibition and help build profitable relationships, understanding and collective success.


And at the end of the day that’s what Nor-Shipping is for. The ocean may set the stage for our activity, but it is you and your business that are the stars of the show.

This is your week. This is your opportunity. This is Your Arena for Ocean Solutions. Enjoy it!

Per Martin Tanggaard, Nor-Shipping Director


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