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The exhibitor experience with GONDAN Shipbuilders

GONDAN Shipbuilders is a renowned company in the high-tech shipbuilding industry and a repeat exhibitor at Nor-Shipping. We spoke with Nadia Serantes, Marketing & Commercial Executive GONDAN, to hear about their Nor-Shipping experiences.

Established as a family company, GONDAN draws on their vast shipbuilding experience to optimize business in all its different phases, from conceptual design to sea trials. For four generations, the family of the current president, Álvaro Platero Díaz, has dedicated themselves to shipbuilding. Over its more than 85 years in business, GONDAN has built about 300 vessels with very different specifications for a wide variety of countries, and it is always a pleasure to welcome them to Nor-Shipping.

This week we haven spoken with Nadia Serantes, Marketing and Commercial Executive GONDAN, to hear about her and GONDANs Nor-Shipping experiences.

Nadia Serantes, Market and Commercial Executive, GONDAN

– How was your Nor-Shipping 2019 experience?
The Nor-Shipping exhibition is always an enriching experience to us. It allows us to maintain contact with our regular customers and suppliers and gives us the chance to reinforce business relationships. The Nor-Shipping 2019 edition was no less.

– What was your own personal highlight from the week?
For the GONDAN Commercial department, we’re very glad to say it was a busy week. I guess we would highlight that we were able to organize, “on the go”, a meeting on a project with a potential client and the main suppliers, because all the key stakeholders were there at the exhibition.

The Edda Mistral. Built by GONDAN and owned by Østensjø Rederi

– Why is Nor-Shipping important to you and your business?
Because of the business and professional profile of exhibitors and visitors. Our company has an extensive experience in tailormade shipbuilding for different sectors of Scandinavian countries. At the Nor-Shipping exhibition, we get the chance to meet the key players of the Scandinavian market.

– Why did you feel it was important to sign up for Nor-Shipping 2021 as early as possible?
We were very happy with the location of our stand this year, and we received many visits. We wanted to keep the spot and secure our location for Nor-Shipping 2021. And of course, a good location always helps in regard to branding.

– What are you most looking forward to at the next Nor-Shipping?
As a member of the Commercial department, I would not be telling the truth unless I say “selling a vessel”.


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