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The exhibitor experience with Cemre Shipyard

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Cemre Shipyard is one of the leading new building shipyards located in Turkey, and a repeat exhibitor at Nor-Shipping. Read the story and learn why Nor-Shipping is so important to their business.

The shipyard is one of the most active shipyards in Turkey and have modern shipbuilding facilities covering 160,000 square metres at Yalova. Now they have secured their stand for Nor-Shipping 2021, and we look forward to welcoming them back to Your Arena for Ocean Solutions.

We contacted Sales Manager Burak Mursaloglu from Cemre Shipyard to hear why Nor-Shipping has become such an important arena for them.

Sales Manager Burak Mursaloglu, Cemre Shipyard

How was your Nor-Shipping 2019 experience?

Interactive and effective! We participated with a big team so we could be involved in as many events as possible and maximize our effectiveness during the exhibition. We had efficient meetings with our existing partners, potential clients, and other business professionals. Our three vessels, Wind of Change, Libas, and Victoria of Wight, were also nominated for the Nor-Shipping Next Generation Ship Award 2019. The vessels get a lot of interest in the market, so we were very busy to present our recent projects to visitors and our business partners. We als want to thank the Nor-Shipping team for their interest in our vessels.

Wind of Change. The vessel was designed by Salt Ship Design, and built by Cemre Shipyard in Turkey for French owner LDA. Photo credit Cemre Shipyard.

What was your own personal highlight from the week?

It was extremely precious to observe the popularity of recent environmental-friendly actions and clean energy technologies in all segments, and to see our contribution to this development. One of the best moments for me and our team was, of course, to see how much our customers are pleased with vessels we have delivered.

Why is Nor-Shipping important to you and your business?

Norway is a considerable and leading player in the maritime industry. Nor-Shipping helps us to expand our network, create new objectives, and observe the market situation in one of our target markets. Nor-Shipping is also an important platform to help us discover new technologies and the latest market trends.

Why did you feel it was important to sign up for Nor-Shipping 2021 as early as possible?

Nor-Shipping is the first exhibition on our exhibition planning list due to its efficiency and popularity, and it is particularly important to our activity in the region. We also sign up early because we would like to keep our stand location as of now.

The Cemre Shipyard at Nor-Shipping 2019.

What are you most looking forward to at the next Nor-Shipping?

We are already excited to show the market our next projects and the innovative applications we have been implementing for our projects within these two years since the last show.

Any final remarks?

The information for our projects is easily reachable from our website. It will be a pleasure for us to share the information in more detail with visitors at the next Nor-Shipping exhibition in 2021.

Cemre Shipyard. Photo credit Cemre Shipyard.

Take part in the Nor-Shipping experience and book your stand now!

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