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Support the Red Cross in Ukraine

Nor-Shipping is looking for individual and corporate donations for the Red Cross’ essential work there through a Spleis fundraising page.

Your donations will go directly to help those most in need, funding, amongst other things, the distribution of vital supplies, first aid, psychosocial first aid, the transport of people with disabilities, support services, and family reunification services. Red Cross teams are also in place to assist refugees crossing to neighbouring countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova.

Please give generously to help a population under fire. The Red Cross thanks you for your support.

The Team at Nor-Shipping.

The Red Cross

The Red Cross movement is present in Ukraine and provides emergency health care, food, water, heat, and protection to those affected by the war. The situation is difficult. Therefore, it is difficult to conduct and maintain humanitarian aid and emergency relief work. The Ukrainian Red Cross is doing everything they can to help its citizens. When war is brought into cities and the local neighborhoods become front lines, we see that it is civilians, children and the elderly who bear the greatest consequences. After several days with seeking shelters from the dangerous struggles, the Ukrainian people are currently lacking food, water, and vital medicines.

The humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly with each passing day. More than 1 million people have fled Ukraine since the war began. In the neighboring countries of Ukraine, the Red Cross supports people who have crossed the borders, as well as providing first aid, psychosocial first aid, transport of people with disabilities, support services, and family reunification services.

Again – thank you for supporting the Red Cross’ emergency relief work, so that we can be there for more people. Together we save lives ❤

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