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Nor-Shipping enlists local champions to help put Oslo on the map

Nor-Shipping is collaborating with a diverse group of local stakeholders within the Oslo area to assess how its activities can promote the city region, consolidating its position as a natural centre for maritime, sustainability and the tech industry.

Nor-Shipping, which has recently announced its ambition to open up new ocean industry opportunities for maritime, is looking to leverage its established international position to deliver added value for its home area.

As such it has joined forces with local organisations and businesses including Oslo Municipality, Oslo Business Region, Passion For Ocean, Choose Arena Oslo, Oslo Brand Alliance, Oslo EU Green Capital of the Year 2019, Katapult Ocean Tech, Just Cruzin Production, and Los & Co.

It met these partners today, 13 April, for a special workshop to determine how they could work together to strengthen local businesses, promote the city, gain recognition for Oslo, and use Nor-Shipping’s activities as a platform for building increased international interest and local collaboration.

“There is a thriving business ecosystem here,” comments Per Martin Tanggaard, Director, Nor-Shipping, “and we want to tap into that to push the city itself, as well as adding value to our activities and attracting new participants… and therefore new opportunities.

“By working closer with local partners we can pool our collective strengths and expertise to make a real impact on the international scene. Oslo should be the first place people look for maritime, sustainability expertise and innovation, in tech and beyond. We aim to shout that out to the world in the run-up to Nor-Shipping 2019 and far into the future.”

Nor-Shipping 2019, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, is expected to attract around 35,000 delegates, from Norway and beyond, between 04 to 07 June 2019.

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