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Ship based integrated garbage and sewage treatment plant

Garbage and sewage treatment has been a major concern for a long time in the coastal cities of the world either because of land scarcity or lack of modern technology. Rupa Naik has entered her proposed solution to this concern for the Problem to Profit competition 2017.

Presently, about 40% of the world’s population lives within 100 kilometres of the coast (UN.org). Coastal cities are growing fast and so is the amount of waste it generates. This would mean that existing facilities would need to increase their handling capacity. Newer cities would also need to consider this problem when designing its systems.

The proposed solution is installation of an integrated garbage and sewage treatment plant on board a ship. Through automated sorting, garbage and sewage is separately treated. Biofuel generated from organic waste is utilized either for powering the ship or to fuel city buses. Treated water is to be utilized for plants, industrial units, and construction purposes. Sludge produced will be used as manure in agriculture.

The secondary purpose of this ship is to use the accommodation area for learning, training and research. Conducting training in practical environment will add more value to learning.

Advantage of moving from land to ship based operations is to make best use of the sparse land. This sailing ship will also cater to the needs of the adjoining coastal cities. The solution does not need a new ship. An existing ship may be modified to suit the purpose, thus reducing the initial capital expenditure.

The proposed ship based integrated garbage and sewage treatment plant aims to meet the global sustainable development goals set by the United Nations such as:
Clean water and sanitation
Sustainable cities and communities
Good heath and wellbeing
Affordable and clean energy
Quality education and
Life on land

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