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The exhibitor experience with Salt Ship Design

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This week we have asked Salt Ship Design to tell us about their Nor-Shipping experience. As an industry frontrunner they are focused on taking #ACTION to combine innovative thinking with established, proven solutions to design the ships of tomorrow today.

Salt Ship Design is an independent ship design company from Stord in Norway. With a reputation for utilizing the best available technologies to solve operational challenges and optimise performance, they have had several ship designs nominated for the Nor-Shipping Next Generation Ship Award. Their team of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers combine experience and knowledge with enthusiasm, creativity and dedication to develop and deliver the design and documentation needed to build industry-leading vessels.

Tor Henning Vestbøstad, Sales Director, Salt Ship Design

Salt Ship Design is a frequent exhibitor at Nor-Shipping. This week we’ve spoken with Tor Henning Vestbøstad, Sales Director, to hear about their Nor-Shipping experience.

How was your Nor-Shipping 2019 experience?
We believe Nor-Shipping is one of the most important arenas to meet clients in our industry.

What was your own personal highlight from the week?
It must be the dinner we traditionally arrange for our clients during the event week. It’s always enjoyable and rewarding, with a mix of clients from the various segments we serve.

Why is Nor-Shipping important to you and your business?
Salt Ship Design is active in many segments, designing tailor made vessels both for fishing, aquaculture, wind and the renewables industry, to name a few, and being present at Nor-Shipping enables us to meet many present and potential future clients in a single arena. This helps us build relationships and provide the market with updates on our portfolio.

Libas: Designed by SALT Ship Design and being built at Cemre Shipyard

Why did you feel it was important to sign up for Nor-Shipping 2021 as early as possible?
Nor-Shipping is one of the most important exhibitions for us to attend because of the strong client participation, both nationally and internationally, as well for the spread of segments we are involved in. Thus, it’s better to commit early rather than leave it too late.

What are you most looking forward to at the next Nor-Shipping?
Meeting good friends from the industry and proudly exhibiting our latest developed ship designs, new technology improvements, and so on.

Any final remarks?
We’d like to welcome everyone interested in ship design to our stand in June 2021. For more information about Salt Ship Design, please visit our homepage and follow us on Facebook.


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