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The Nor-Shipping Principles

We welcome the world to Nor-Shipping, to take part in and to shape the exhibition experience and event programme in accordance with these principles. By joining Nor-Shipping as a visitor, exhibitor or partner you are expected to recognize and do your best to act in accordance with these values and principles.

Nor-Shipping is an official partner of the Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business, aligning with Nor-Shipping’s mission to support new sustainable solutions for the maritime and ocean industries. We pledge loyalty to endorse and promote the UN Sustainability Goals, especially SDGs 5, 13, 14 and 17.

As a part of the Nor-Shipping experience, you are expected to respect and embrace the diversity of the maritime global community coming together during our conference and expo. Everyone is welcome at Nor-Shipping, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, identity, looks, origin or heritage.

Respectful behaviour and tolerance are a given at all our venues and events. As a participant we encourage you to enjoy Nor-Shipping by engaging with new colleagues from across the world to connect, collaborate and unlock new business opportunities across borders – respectfully, equally and honestly. Working towards a more diversified ocean community is a value and should be a common goal for everyone. We encourage all participants to explore how their organization can contribute to more diversity and gender equality. Nor-Shipping will focus on equality throughout all of our initiatives, and work to promote diversity and gender equality on our stages and speaker lists.

Climate change represents the single biggest threat to the worlds’ population and ecosystems. Its widespread, unprecedented impacts disproportionately burden the poorest and most vulnerable. Being part of the Nor-Shipping experience, we urge you to take action to combat climate change and minimize its disruptions on the environment. We do our part by dedicating part of the Nor-Shipping exhibition to organizations which promote decarbonization solutions and sustainable technologies. We provide free public transport solutions for all participants. In return, when travelling to Nor-Shipping, we ask of you to be consciously aware of your choices of mode of transport. Oslo is European Green Capital 2019 and has a special focus on green transport solutions. Where possible, we urge you to choose the climate friendly option. By doing so, you are personally contributing to the successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Nor-Shipping encourages all participants to take action to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources in a way that supports sustainable development. The beautiful and lifegiving Norwegian fjord zone you are entering during Nor-Shipping, along with the sea coastal and marine resources of our country, play an essential role in what is the ecosystem of marine species globally. The sustainable use and preservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and their biological diversity is essential for humankind. Our cold northern waters provide livelihoods and tourism benefits, as well as subsistence and income, and they are home to fish, mammals, algae, crustaceans and other life forms who find their home nowhere else but here. We want to see our biodiversity remain stable, and so we kindly ask you to keep the local life under water in mind during your stay – recycle where and when you can, and please don’t dispose of plastic or non-organic waste in the natural environment. The vulnerable resources in our waters are subject to environmental degradation, overfishing, climate change and pollution, and your actions as a company, entity or private person can make a great difference.

17 – Collaboration
Nor-Shipping is a global meeting place and ‘Your Arena for Ocean Solutions’, and our strategy reflects this by embracing the diverse range of industries that make their livelihoods through the ocean. We adhere to the principle of collaboration, especially through our Blue Economy focus where different ocean industries come together to create new solutions in the ocean space. Acknowledging that it is together that the greatest progress is made, partnerships and working together for a better and more sustainable future is at the core of what we do at Nor-Shipping. That’s why Nor-Shipping works closely with a variety of impactful partners to deliver relevant events and content throughout the week. Attending Nor-Shipping, we urge you to utilize the broad range of partners and exhibitors to expand your horizon and explore new sustainable partnerships. Blue Economy Hall is the designated meeting place for spurring new and innovative relationships. Please, interact not only with those you feel familiar with, but also with those who challenge you, differ from you, compete or even disagree with you.

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