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Ocean Insights with Patrik Berglund

In this Ocean Insights interview Patrik Berglund, CEO Xeneta, lets you discover their unique vision of the road ahead. Dive in and see what you discover.

Welcome to the Ocean Insights series – bite sized interviews with the thought leaders, innovators and business people seeking to realise the huge potential of the ocean space.

This week we have spoken to Patrik Berglund who was nominated for the Nor-Shipping Young Entrepreneur Award 2017.

Patrik Berglund is the CEO and Co-Founder of Oslo-based Xeneta, the leading ocean and air freight rate benchmarking and market analytics platform transforming the shipping and logistics industry with data analytics.

Founded in 2012, Berglund has grown Xeneta to be the top worldwide source comparing shipping rates against the market average, market highs and lows, ultimately transforming companies’ logistics procurement with actionable data intelligence.

In this Ocean Insights interview Berglund lets you discover Xeneta’s unique vision of the road ahead. Dive in and see what you discover.


Patrik Berglund, CEO Xeneta

What do you see as the greatest opportunity for the ocean industries over the next decade?

The green transition is a business opportunity, as well as an essential development for society and the environment. Linked in with that we’ll see smarter digital solutions and enhanced use of data, enabling better decision making. The expansion of end-to-end supply chains will also unlock benefits.

What do you regard as the greatest challenge?

Attracting new, young talent is essential to realise the potential of the industry. It’ll also be a challenge to convince stakeholders to accept commoditization – of data and services – and leverage that playing field. That will be key to progress and innovation. And how will new entrants impact on (and shake up) the industry? Who knows!

What do you see as the unique strength of your business and how will it help you succeed?

We offer a relevant value proposition in a rapidly changing market – delivering intelligence that helps stakeholders make sense of an increasingly complex segment. Furthermore, we have a talented, diversified team. That is critical.

What key skills are you looking for in the next generation of industry professionals and how are you working to attract new talent?

The ability to learn, develop, and embrace change, with sound values and a collaborative nature. Talent attracts talent, and we have (as mentioned above) an excellent team in place. The fact that we can offer meaningful, exciting work also helps!

What are you most looking forward to at Nor-Shipping 2021?

Connecting with the industry and getting a broad sense of “what’s going on” for the various stakeholders, especially given the current climate and challenges of Covid-19.

What three words sum up your vision for the future?

Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity.

Nor-Shipping 2021 – Your Arena for Ocean Solutions – takes place in Oslo and Lillestrøm, 1-4 June 2021. Find out more at www.nor-shipping.com

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