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Nor-Shipping Awards – time to blow your trumpet

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Encouraging efforts in areas critical to our industry’s future is the motivation behind the Nor-Shipping Awards program. As a consequence of pushing Nor-Shipping back to 10-13 January 2022, the window for entry into the Nor-Shipping Awards has been extended.

Right now the IMO’s MEPC is meeting and is expected to unveil fuller details of the EEXI and CII for existing ships and other measures related to the greening of shipping for both new and existing vessels.

No doubt the outcomes of this meeting will be something more for shipowners and operators to worry about after the trials and tribulations of the past 18 months. However, we can see from the almost daily headlines that a great many of those owners are ahead of the game and despite something of a fog around which technologies, fuels or business strategies will be right for the future are rising to the challenge.

Some of the details revealed about new ship orders or deliveries and retrofit projects for existing ships demonstrate that shipping is far from being an industry averse to change but is embracing the #ACTION today mantra that mirrors the theme of the next Nor-Shipping. Shipowners are being helped more than a little by innovative equipment makers and service providers who have also stepped up to the plate and committed huge amounts of resources in developing the tools shipbuilders and operators need to have at their disposal.

Some of those owners and organisations have indicated an interest in entering for the awards that are on offer at Nor-Shipping and the organisers want to take this opportunity to remind them that the awards are only open to candidates who take the effort to enter for them. You can nominate more than one candidate, using separate forms.

Call for entries

Nor-Shipping is therefore sending out a new call for entries to the awards from around the globe. With the closing date for entries set for the beginning of October there is less than four months to make the commitment. Given that most of that time will be the summer holiday season and even if jetting off to foreign parts may not be an option this year, it would be a tragedy if the most deserving potential candidates miss out on the chance of recognition.

Karen Algaard, Director Operations and Strategy, Nor-Shipping. Here on top of the funnel of FSRU Independence, alongside LNGC Arctic Princess in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

“After the success of our recent virtual Ocean Now conference we can begin to look forward to the real event in January and of course to the Nor-Shipping Awards. At Ocean Now there was a lot of mention of innovation, collaboration, and unlocking potential. Every Nor-Shipping, the awards celebrate those very same attributes, and we know that there are people, ships and equipment worthy of joining the list of previous winners. We want them to come forward and submit their entries so that in January we can again celebrate the best shipping has to offer” comments Karen Algaard, Director, Nor-Shipping,

The deadlines and criteria for the awards can be found at the Nor-Shipping website.

The Ocean Solutions Award

This year, the organisers have added a new award category to the Next Generation Ship and Young Entrepreneur awards.
The Ocean Solutions Award is open to Nor-Shipping participants only (ranging from exhibitors to presenters and conference speakers). It covers a wide range of possibilities and is open to a service, design, concept, or equipment item in the area of either Ocean Sustainability, Logistics or Operation.
At each previous Nor-Shipping exhibition there have been a large number of potential entrants among the exhibitors and speakers showcasing new ideas and concepts that unfortunately did not fit the criteria for the two existing awards.
With so many companies prepared to pick up the gauntlet of moving shipping forward in all areas of sustainability and after a period when shipping has struggled at times to cope with the impact of the pandemic on logistic services and the effect on crew welfare there must be many participants who must fancy their chances of some greater recognition.
It is for entrants to decide if their project or product fits the criteria but there is the proviso that the service, design, concept, or equipment item must either be currently available or near to commercialisation.

At a recent virtual meeting of the jury members, there was a lot of excitement about the type of entries and some lively debate over how the jury will decide on the eventual winner.

Nomination deadline – 1 October, 2021

The Next Generation Ship Award

Deciding the winners of the two existing awards is also eagerly anticipated by the juries involved.
With shipping preparing for what could be the most rapid changes in ship equipment and design for generations – maybe even in the whole history of shipping – there must be a multitude of candidates despite the somewhat subdued levels of shipbuilding in recent years.

Gagarin Prospect, Sovcomflot, Nor-Shipping Next Generation Ship Award winner 2019.

The winning entry for the Next Generation Ship Award need not incorporate every possible technology but will need to satisfy the criteria for the award. It is a fact that most ships being built will be using fossil fuels for quite some considerable time but that will not disqualify any vessel from being considered because such ships can also run on synthetic and biofuels which could be considered carbon neutral.

Furthermore, the winning vessel may not even be a newbuilding but an existing ship that has undergone major conversion or retrofit to improve performance.

To qualify for the Next Generation Ship Award newbuilds should be scheduled for delivery within three years of Nor-Shipping 2022, while retrofits and conversions must be undertaken since the last biennial event in 2019. Of course any vessel delivered between June 2019 and January 2022 is eligible for entry. Collaborations between companies are welcomed, while all ship types are given equal consideration, regardless of size or segment.

Nomination deadline – 1 October, 2021

The Young Entrepreneur Award

Nor-Shipping 2022 will be the fifth time for the Young Entrepreneur Award and is open to nominees in all industry segments, it honours an under 40-year-old professional who has founded a successful company that addresses challenges or solutions in a new way. In a rapidly changing world, facing huge challenges, but also great ocean opportunities, this award has never been more relevant. The award process will be managed by YoungShip International, the fast-growing international non-profit organization for young professionals in shipping.

Young Entrepreneur Award 2019 winners; Agnes Árnadóttir and Espen Larsen-Hakkebo, the CEO and CFO of Brim Explorer.

The value of the award has been endorsed by all previous winners and their experiences should encourage new entrants this time around. “Winning the award was a very humbling experience and an award we’re both incredibly honoured to have received. More than that, it’s worked for us in a number of ways. Firstly it’s an acknowledgement that we’re on the right track and an endorsement of our achievements to date. Secondly, the association with the Nor-Shipping name has helped create a new level of awareness in the industry, and that has opened many doors. It’s made it easier to attract investors and potential partners, and that will be fundamentally important to our future development,” said Espen Larsen-Hakkebo after winning the YEA in 2019.

Nominations can be made by anyone within the international maritime community. Self-nominations are encouraged! You can nominate more than one candidate, using separate forms.

Nomination deadline: 13 September 2021

Each of the three Nor-Shipping 2022 awards initiatives complements the event’s overall theme of showcasing those taking positive #ACTION within the ocean space. All the winners will be announced on 10 January. To access a nomination form for any of the initiatives please click here.

Article by Nor-Shipping Award Media Partner ShipInsight.

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