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Lead scanning

We know you come to Nor-Shipping to make connections. Lead scanning is therefore now a part of the Nor-Shipping app for everyone.

All you need is to be a holder of any ticket, Exhibitor Pass, Speakers Pass or Press Pass for Nor-Shipping. Download the Nor-Shipping app and use the same username and password as you use for my.nor-shipping.com.

In an update coming mid-May, there will be a Scan Leads option in the menu. It opens the experience below. Please allow for the app to use the camera. Then it’s just a matter of scanning badges or other peoples’ app. It’s almost as exchanging digital business cards.

Tap on any scanned lead and a new window shows. You can now add the person to the contact list of the phone or use the share menu on your phone for this card.

To export the entire list, click on the  icon to the right of Your Leads and the export window opens. Type any email address you prefer and send a comma separated list to that address. Sometimes that is your personal email address, sometimes one for the entire team. You can send as many times as you like.

Visitors can also scan you, so make sure your profile looks professional. You can edit what shows when people scan you under My Profile in my.nor-shipping.com / the Nor-Shipping app.

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