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Industry leaders join Nor-Shipping Blue Economy drive

Key ocean business stakeholders are joining forces to support Nor-Shipping’s unique Blue Economy Hall as it embarks on a mission to accelerate sustainable change within the ocean space.

Marine insurer Gard and international law firm Wikborg Rein have joined as Main Blue Economy Partners, with Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) and Telenor Maritime joining as Partners. An international who’s who of segment leaders including Equinor, Maersk, ABN AMRO, World Ocean Council, NTNU and Aker Offshore Wind, amongst others, have formed a committee to ensure that the hall and its respected Blue Talks programme are tailored to deliver optimal industry value.

Nor-Shipping launched the “innovative and immersive” Blue Economy Hall to the industry in 2019. With a focus on showcasing and enabling the solutions, technologies and partnerships capable of unlocking sustainable ocean business success, the hall attracted ambitious exhibitors and participants from across the world. Craig Eason, a well-known and respected maritime expert, will return to the role of Blue Talk Moderator. He will be essential, as he was in 2019, in developing the programme in partnership with the Blue Economy committee.

Sidsel Norvik, Commercial Director, Nor-Shipping, notes that the hall and activity will be an essential ingredient of 2022’s ‘Your Arena for Ocean Solutions’.

Ambition and expertise

“The Blue Economy Hall operates as a kind of headquarters for sustainable ocean development,” she says. “It’s here where a broad range of companies congregate, share knowledge and build the understanding and relationships needed to tackle the challenge and opportunity lying ahead.

Sidsel Norvik, Commercial Director, Nor-Shipping.

“As we know only too well from this past year, there’s no such thing as business as usual any more. We have to be flexible and open to change to adapt and prosper – we can’t stay ahead by standing still. The world needs to unlock the potential of the ocean space responsibly, and the companies gathering at the Blue Economy hall have the ambition and expertise to do exactly that. We’re very excited about seeing what our excellent partners, committee and participants can achieve together in 2022 and beyond.”

Ideal arena

Alongside the interactive exhibition space, a broad-based programme of Blue Talks will address key issues, sharing insight from respected industry authorities, businesses and thought leaders. Hot topics for discussion include evolving finance models, systems change, energy transition, the infrastructure of innovation and future fuels, digitalisation, electrification, autonomy, cross industry collaboration, and much more. A full programme will be released at the start of the New Year. Nor-Shipping has invested in digital broadcast facilities to increase the reach of the talks and associated activity as required.

Live Jacob Sydness, Vice President Sustainability, Gard.

Live Jacob Sydness, Vice President Sustainability, Gard comments: “Enabling sustainable maritime development is at the core of Gard’s strategy. To achieve the progress the world demands, we need to collaborate and learn from one another, sharing the insights and solutions that can drive ocean business transformation. The Blue Economy hall is an ideal arena. Together with our Members, clients, and other key stakeholders, we’re committed to playing our part and will continue to support positive change, both within our own industry and beyond.”

Partners to prosper

Elise Johansen, Specialist Council at Wikborg Rein and Associate Professor at the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea, adds: “Sustainability is a strategic focus area for a growing number of ambitious businesses, including our own. It is essential for society and presents significant commercial opportunity, but companies need the right partners, expertise and advice to turn potential into results. We see the Blue Economy hall and activity as an access point for those elements – helping businesses build the networks, strategies and knowledge they need to advance. We’re delighted to be involved in an initiative capable of facilitating such meaningful steps forward.”

Elise Johansen, Specialist Council at Wikborg Rein and Associate Professor at the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea.

Nor-Shipping 2022 runs from 10-13 January, focusing on the main theme of taking positive #ACTION in the ocean space. Over 75% of planned exhibition space is currently sold out.

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