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Nor-Shipping gathers hydrogen leaders to map out fuel of the future at Ocean Now

Taking place both online and on-site at Nor-Shipping’s Nova Studios in Lillestrøm, Norway, on 2 June, the event will gather global stakeholders to discuss national and international hydrogen roadmaps, with a focus on accelerating adoption and outlining commercial potential for the ocean industries. The programme is being tailored to deliver unique contributors, insight and value for those seeking to understand and access opportunities in this rapidly growing energy segment.

Supporting industry

Nor-Shipping’s Ocean Now fills the gap left by the postponement of Nor-Shipping 2021 to January 2022. A hybrid two-day event, it has been conceived to help the industry continue collaborating, sharing knowledge, showcasing innovation, and building relationships during the coronavirus pandemic. The Fuelling the Future conference is the headline event for day two, while Ocean Now’s 1 June activities are anchored by ‘The Today Show by Nor-Shipping’ – a live business chat and entertainment show – specially curated content, and coverage and build-up to Nor-Shipping 2022.

Platform for progress

“Ocean Now is a new format, giving us the freedom to focus on content that delivers immediate value for our audience and supporters, while also building anticipation for the next Nor-Shipping,” comments Sidsel Norvik, Commercial Director, Nor-Shipping. “The industry has a growing appreciation of the huge potential of hydrogen as a key enabler to decarbonize shipping, but needs access to insights and understanding regarding the challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Sidsel Norvik, Commercial Director, Nor-Shipping.

“Nor-Shipping’s Hydrogen Blue Talks will outline the latest innovations and developments, delivering both inspiration and the knowledge to navigate a future of huge potential. There is real progress in maritime projects – within segments ranging from cruise to offshore vessels – but this is just the start of a trend that, as the value chain matures, can really take off. The market is expanding rapidly and we want our audiences to take advantage now. This conference can provide the platform they need for business development.”

Partnering for tomorrow

‘Nor-Shipping Hydrogen Blue Talks – Fuelling the Future’ will assess national roadmaps in Europe and Norway, while discussing issues encompassing technology, accessibility, safety and policy making, amongst other topics. Ammonia will also form a natural focus point.

The conference has a strong foundation in collaboration, with Hydrogenforum, H2 Cluster, NCE Maritime Cleantech, NORWEP, GCE NODE, GCE Ocean Technologies and Hyway Cluster all onboard as co-organisers. Main Nor-Shipping partners DNV and DNB are supporting the initiative, alongside main Blue Talk partners Gard and Wikborg Rein.

TECO 2030 has now been confirmed as Hydrogen Blue Talk sponsor. Speaking about the opportunity, Tore Enger, Group CEO, TECO 2030, notes:

Tore Enger, Group CEO, TECO 2030. Credit: TECO

“We believe this will be a valuable, inspirational and insightful event for any maritime and ocean industry stakeholders with an interest in staying at the vanguard of commercial developments. We look forward to discovering and discussing more about how the maritime industry can reach the Paris Agreement through the transition towards decarbonization.”

Both Ocean Now and Nor-Shipping 2022 will focus on the main theme of taking #ACTION to enable commercial and environmental success within the ocean space.

For further details please see nor-shipping.com/hydrogen-blue-talks

Partners and co-organisers

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