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GAP – Green Anchor Ports

Fosca Poltronieri is one of our latest innovative candidates for the From Problem to Profit competition.

Her project, that is still in the development phase, Green Anchor Ports is a mobile application accessible on any android or iPhone that allows you to completely manage your port’s environmental impact. The aim is to motivate maritime ports to find opportunity in the recycling and re-use of waste from ships. Ports contribute to an increase in green house gas production and wasted resources. One of the issues is that green best practices are not known of or taken into consideration.

Foscas’ solution is a mobile application that allows anyone world wide to improve their ports’ waste management strategy. First it helps you calculate the carbon footprint. Secondly it lets you compare your port services with others available in your area and worldwide. Thirdly you can monitor and compare your progress with other ports.  The app helps you follow your improvement, and by making consistent choices you will eventually be saving and earning money, turning problem into profit.

A healthy shipping industry relies on healthy ports. With sustainability and smart solutions shipping should remain buoyant far into the future. GAP can help ports develop a more sustainable environment for all!

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