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Great history, greater future

For 40 years, Mercy Ships has used customized hospital ships to provide hope, healing and empowerment to the forgotten poor of Africa. We are just about to scale up, with helping hands from the maritime industry.

Why Africa? Economist Paul Collier uses the term “the bottom billion” to refer to the one billion of the world’s total seven and a half billion living in low- and middle-income economies, most of which are in Africa. The majority of these “bottom billion” people live in 58 countries, and 70% of those countries are in sub-Saharan Africa.

The United Nations has defined no poverty, zero hunger and good health as their three first sustainable development goals. The three goals are closely linked together, as you cannot end poverty without sustainable, safe and accessible medical care. Mercy Ships and all of our volunteers and partners are working to turn the targets into reality.

We work to save lives now by offering free surgical care. And we work to save lives in the future by offering medical capacity- building programs to equip and empower low-income countries to help their own people. Since 2007, Mercy Ships has performed over 32,000 surgeries on our current hospital ship Africa Mercy and trained over 10,000 African healthcare workers in their own country, as well as upgrading medical facilities.

As a gift-based and volunteer-driven charity, the work done on a Mercy Ship is fueled by the generosity of both individuals, Corporate Social Responsibility efforts as well as corporate partnerships. This enables Mercy Ships to provide the life-giving and life-saving surgeries provided by our dedicated crew. Surgeons, nurses and maritime crew pay their own way to the ship and raise funds for the cost of food and housing onboard while serving. Gift-in-kind and corporate partnerships keep costs to a minimum.

Your support makes a huge difference. Thank you for partnering with us in this strategic and very special phase of both history and future of Mercy Ships.

Roger Vassnes
Director Mercy Ships Norway

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