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Four breakthrough innovations challenge for first ever Nor-Shipping Ocean Solutions Award

Launched to celebrate breakthrough innovations at, or approaching, the commercialisation stage, the accolade attracted an extensive spectrum of nominations from Nor-Shipping participants. The worthy recipient will now be unveiled at Nor-Shipping’s Ocean Leadership Conference on 4 April 2022.

United by courage

“What a fantastic start to a bold new award initiative,” comments Sidsel Norvik, Nor-Shipping Director. “With the challenges facing the industry at present we desperately need new ways of thinking, fresh concepts and ambitious companies prepared to rip up the rulebooks to enable positive ocean #ACTION (the theme of Nor-Shipping 2022).

Sidsel Norvik, Director, Nor-Shipping.

“What we have here is a broad mix of challenger businesses, all very different in scale and approach, but united by the courage to turn inspiration into reality and help us meet ocean goals – both environmentally and commercially. I can’t wait to see which one takes centre stage in January, no doubt going on to take a starring industry role in the years to come.”

Exacting task

The entries on the shortlist were selected by an international jury of experts, each of who was tasked to assess nominations on the criteria of: originality of the service, design, concept or equipment item; impact with regard to either ocean sustainability, logistics, or ship operation; addressing current or anticipated challenges for the industry; expected benefit for the industry generally, and to users/customers specifically; and applying best practices or ideas from other industries.

Malcolm Latarche, Chairman of the Jury, notes: “Deciding the final short list for this award was very difficult – just as we had expected it to be. It led to some very animated discussions with jury members, with some excellent arguments swinging momentum in the direction of these final four, exciting entrants. Each one deserves immense recognition in their own right.”

Unique ambitions

Daphne Technology was selected for a solution that simultaneously reduces all toxic and climate pollutant emissions for ships powered by heavy/residual fuel, LNG, and future fuels. Its long-term strategy is to capture and convert pollutants into upcycled and useful products, both offshore and land-based.

Daphne Technology´s core technology, the converter.

HASYTEC/Alesund Maritime caught the judges’ eyes with Dynamic Biofilm Protection Intelligence (DBPI), which prevents the formation of biofilm or marine growth using ultrasound, replacing the need to use paints with heavy metals, copper anodes, chlorine, and other chemicals.

Hasytec-DBPi Cabinet and transducers.

Jotun has a similar goal but a very different approach with its Jotun Hull Skating Solution (top photo). This utilises a proactive robotic hull inspection and cleaning device, in addition to a specially developed coating and vessel condition monitoring, to eradicate marine fouling before it can take hold. The result is reduced emissions, enhanced efficiency and an end to invasive species spread via biofouling.

Finally, Wavefoil secured its shortlisted position with the development of retractable bow foils to reduce fuel consumption and increase comfort for vessels operating in waves. Although the concept is well known, a breakthrough retraction mechanism has enabled its commercialisation for the very first time.

Wavefoil delivers retractable bow foils to reduce fuel consumption and increase comfort for a vessel operating in waves.

Excitement awaits

Nor-Shipping’s Young Entrepreneur Award and Next Generation Ship Award will also be presented at the Ocean Leadership Conference at NOVA Spektrum.

Nor-Shipping 2022 takes place across a series of venues in Oslo and Lillestrøm from 4-7 April.

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