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Expert thinking on the gender perspective in leadership

Sofia Fürstenberg Stott, Business Development Manager, Nor-Shipping, comments on the gender perspective in leadership in the latest edition of Safety4Sea.

The maritime industry is standing in front of unprecedented levels of complexity, but also in front of an ocean of opportunities. To ensure a sustainable future and sound business development, transformative change will be needed. This will require new ways of doing business, new technologies, innovative policies and regulations, and focused, smart, cross-industry collaboration. To do that, we will need the smartest heads and the most capable people. It is a serious threat to the development of international maritime activities, if we lose out on 50% of the available work force, just because we are stuck in a culture of gender bias. So yes, we need more females in leadership roles. We need to find the right candidate, ensuring the process is “gender-blind”, to successfully solve the task ahead. (From Safet4Sea, Women in Shipping Watch, 1 June 2018)

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