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The exhibitor experience with Navtor

Since its formation in 2011, NAVTOR has emerged as the world’s leading provider of innovative e-Navigation solutions, with products and services on over 8000 vessels across the globe. With a recent move into performance monitoring and optimisation, the Egersund, Norway-headquartered business is leveraging the potential of its unique ‘digital ecosystem’ to offer customers a truly integrated approach to smarter, more sustainable and profitable fleet and business operations. You can find out more at navtor.com

To find out more about their Nor-Shipping 2022 experience we spoke to Børge Hetland, CCO, NAVTOR.

Describe your Nor-Shipping 2022 experience in five words?

Positive and valuable! Welcome back!

What was the highlight of Nor-Shipping 2022 for you/your company?

It has to be the sensation of ‘live’ meetings again – with the whole business community – after such a long-period of travel restrictions and Teams. It was so good to see our customers face-to-face, as well as having an opportunity to build promising, new business relations.

What was the main focus of your Nor-Shipping activity?

At NAVTOR we have set ourselves the goal of simplifying shipping’s complexities through continual innovation – coming up with new digital solutions to reduce workloads, enhance safety, create efficiencies, and make it easier to make better business decisions delivering real competitive advantage.

Sometimes, those innovations can be challenging to showcase online, or at least when customers can’t physically get to grips with them. Nor-Shipping gives us the opportunity to meet up and run through the technology and benefits with the industry face-to-face. That’s a really powerful way to not only explain, but also to create a meaningful dialogue and give customers the chance to relax, examine the solutions and ask any questions that come to mind. There’s no substitute for that personal platform.

NAVTOR – smart shipping ecosystem comes to life at Nor-Shipping 2022.

What surprised you about Nor-Shipping 2022?

The high number of visitors from abroad, in particular from Sweden! That’s something quite a few people commented on.

Why is Nor-Shipping such an important fixture on the industry event calendar?

It is a unique meeting place with a real focus on innovation and the future direction of the industry. That obviously makes it a perfect fit for us. In addition, I still think Norway has a kind of “quality stamp” that the rest of the world appreciates. So, an international exhibition based here is very attractive for serious industry players.

Apart from your own exhibition stand, was there another one that impressed you?

You know, I don’t really want to single out any one stand… there were so many good ones. I just think it was great to see everyone together again; the whole community in one place, with real energy and positivity.

What are your hopes and expectations for Nor-Shipping 2023?

A world that’s really back in business, with more visitors travelling from the Far East again and an exhibition that builds on the positives of this year.

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