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The exhibitor experience with Daphne Technology

Nor-Shipping 2022 demonstrated that the industry still has a ferocious appetite for face-to-face networking and exhibiting. Now, with the 2023 halls already filling up, it’s clear there’s a hunger for more… much more.

Why? What makes running a stand so important for individual businesses? In our Exhibiting Excellence series of interviews, we quiz companies to discover their thoughts, highlights and approaches for making the most of ‘Your Arena for Ocean Solutions’.

Here, it’s the turn of Daphne Technology. The award-winning team (see below) are making industry waves with breakthrough solutions measuring and reducing GHG emissions for ships powered by heavy/residual fuel, LNG, and future fuels.

If you’d like to book one of the remaining spaces in the halls please do get in touch soon.

Now, over to Daphne…

Describe your Nor-Shipping 2022 experience in five words?

Collaborative, buzzing and inspiring days.

What was the highlight of Nor-Shipping 2022 for your company?

Winning the inaugural Nor-Shipping Ocean Solutions Award! The award and the first day were very significant for us as a young business. We were delighted and honoured to receive so much attention, especially considering the quantity and calibre of industry world leaders that were in attendance. We believe the award demonstrates how crucial innovation, and action, are as we look to transition to a net-zero future.

What was the main focus of your Nor-Shipping activity?

Firstly, profiling Daphne Technology within the industry; showcasing the company as a forward-thinking, innovative new player, with breakthrough solutions to measure and reduce GHG emissions in tough-to-decarbonise industries. Aside from that, it was great to network face-to-face again after the global pandemic – building relationships, seeing how the market is evolving, and getting an update on the latest solutions, especially regarding sustainability and technology innovation, with a key focus on future fuels and emissions.

Collaboration is key to reaching future net-zero targets. Businesses can benefit from partnering with others, expanding networks and gaining insights, and Nor-Shipping is an ideal platform for that.

What surprised you about Nor-Shipping 2022?

In short, so many people! Everyone was back in the game, and it felt really buzzing and crowded, in a good way. Great venue and arrangement from the Nor-Shipping side, too, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

Why is Nor-Shipping such an essential fixture on the industry event calendar?

As one of the largest and oldest shipping nations, Norway is at the forefront of the industry, giving Nor-Shipping a unique edge. Together with the history, you also have a future focus, with a real emphasis on championing innovative technology. That blend helps both Norway and Nor-Shipping to command a strong position in this dynamic global industry. It is the ideal place to meet and collaborate, especially focusing on sustainable solutions.

Apart from your own exhibition stand, was there another one that impressed you?

Yes, too many to mention. It was great to see so many large companies spending time and money on being there, with quality stands in good positions, investing in face-to-face networking and collaboration. Even though we’ve gotten used to digital cooperation, in-person networking is still vital for the industry. It’s key for connecting with new contacts, but equally important for getting in touch again with “old” faces and seeing what has changed, what is new, and what remains the same.

What are your hopes and expectations for Nor-Shipping 2023?

As a young company, the ambition is, of course, to build Daphne Technology’s profile and showcase our solutions, through meeting potential customers and industry collaborators. So networking is vital, but so is the continual drive to move sustainable development and technological innovation up the industry agenda. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again in 2023.

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