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The ECOsubsea solution for in-water cleaning of ships in port

The ECOsubsea solution (also called the COLLECTOR)is a remotely operated vehicle which removes the need for divers and uses a newly-developed high pressure water cleaning principle called ‘soft jets’ to clean of marine fouling from vessels, which is gentler on the hull than alternative cleaning methods.

The process provides an accurate inspection of the hull condition and cleaning progress can be monitored by HD cameras. The result of this is that vessels travel with less friction through water and thereby reduce its use of fuel and emissions to air accordingly. Figures from research used by IMO states that a clean vessel would burn 9-12% less fuel than a fouled one.

Further the cleaning device has an ability to act as a vacuum cleaner, locking on to the hull so that the waste water is pumped back to shore and there send through a filtration processing system. No waste is released to the local environment and the organic residue has application, which now in a project together with Veolia is used as an ingredient in biogas production which again becomes greener electricity for homes nearby ports with this system installed.

It has been stated that “Biological invasion are one of the most serious ecological problems of the early 21st century” (Ruesink et al. 1995; Ruiz et al. 1997; Nordstrom and Vaughan 1999). In September 2017, this is finally regulated by the IMO through the Ballast Treaty that from that time turns into effect. The problem however is that research show that more of these alien invasive species are travelling through biofouling on ships. In December 2016, IMO´s Dr. Karayannis gave a presentation at the World Ocean Council that in New Zealand i.e. 3% of the introduces alien invasive species came from ballast, whereas 69% came through biofouling on ships. ECOsubsea are helping to solve this as all waste is captured during the cleaning operation and the alien invasive species are particularly addressed through a comprehnesive filtration process, thereby ensuring control and greener port waters if this important environmental concern.

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