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Eaglestar goes full speed ahead to become a future-ready & sustainable ship manager

The maritime industry is undergoing a massive evolution driven by commercial and environmental needs, with digitalisation at the core, functioning as the enabler in transforming various aspects of the business and operations. Advancement of digital technologies, ranging from blockchain applications to cargo and vessel tracking systems as well as smart ships and artificial intelligence, hold endless opportunities for the global maritime industry to explore and harness its potential; whether to break new grounds or solve challenges.

Digitalisation of the maritime industry continues to revolutionise the vital aspects of the maritime industry, most notably the human element. Technological advancements such as smart ships and autonomous vessels present new opportunities to reshape the function of maritime professionals with new set of skills, knowledge and competencies.

For this reason, Eaglestar, an award-winning global provider of integrated marine services, prioritizes its investment not only on building a strong digital foundation, but most importantly, enhancing the capacity and capability of its over 4,500-strong global workforce at sea and shore.

While digitalisation could be perceived like any other strategic and operational transformation,for the maritime industry, it is the successful integration of men and machine that is pivotal to accelerate growth opportunities and elevate the industry’s value creation role as the backbone of global trade and economy. In reality, the transformation would involve not only the replacement of device or process enhancement but more importantly, shaping and defining the role of maritime professionals,” said Capt. Peter Liew, Managing Director/CEO of Eaglestar.

Future-Ready Maritime Professionals 

Activating a modern, dynamic and future-ready global maritime workforce requires more than just training them in the practical use of sophisticated machines.

Capt. Peter Liew said “Eaglestar is ultimately a service-based organisation with our diverse sea and shore staff as our greatest assets. Their extensive knowledge, skills and capability enable us to deliver comprehensive shipmanagement solutions, catering to a wide range of vessels. With rapid advancement of technology, it is important for us to continue enhancing the digital capability of our maritime professionals as well as fostering their agility and adaptability in responding to the changing operating environment.”

Aside from its capability building programmes, Eaglestar has embarked on the implementation of technologies and solutions which allow them to harness the benefits of digitalisation to enhance efficiency and productivity in the business of shipmanagement. These digital solutions range from safety and risk management systems to protecting the safety of its crew onboard, software and tools to improve productivity and ensuring compliance with maritime regulations, as well as data-driven ship management systems aimed at harnessing shipboard machine data to optimise operations and improve vessel reliability.

Despite operating in a highly challenging environment in recent years due to the pandemic, Eaglestar is able to accelerate its shift towards digitalising their operations and processes, to enable the successful delivery of their services without compromising on their high standards of safety, efficiency and reliability.

Smart Solutions, Sustainable Future

In harnessing the potential of digital technology in advancing sustainability of the maritime industry, it is important for the industry players especially shipowners to adopt the mindset of being open to new concepts and innovation as technology continues to evolve, as well as promote greater collaboration and sharing of ideas that mutually benefit in meeting operational and sustainability goals.

The new, vast frontiers brought about by the digital revolution provide opportunities for cross-sectoral collaborative efforts and technology-based partnerships among the key players in the maritime value chain, including Eaglestar.

With more than 50 years of expertise in the maritime industry, Eaglestar continues to build on its solid foundation to deliver more than just the core shipmanagement solutions. Eaglestar’s strength is in their in-depth industry and technical knowledge which allows them to deliver a full range of integrated marine services through their team of highly skilled sea and shore professionals.

Capt. Peter Liew said “We believe in providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions to our customers and we have the knowledge and capacity to do so, from project management of newbuildings to ensuring that their vessels are maintained and operated at the highest efficiency. As part of a global shipping conglomerate, we are able to leverage on the vast capabilities of operating different types of fleets, given that we are one of the pioneers in managing and operating dual-fuel vessels.

As an organisation, we are only as good as our people and it’s important to consistently invest in their professional development throughout their career journey at Eaglestar. We believe that as the industry continues to evolve, we must proactively innovate our approach in training and developing our workforce at all levels and provide opportunities for them to flourish and contribute towards advancing a sustainable maritime industry,” Capt. Peter Liew added.

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