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Nor-Shipping puts the Maritime Industry to the Test

A provocative series of thought leadership debates at Nor-Shipping 2017 will be asking the maritime industry the inconvenient questions, the ones that will need to be answered.

Disruptive Talks
The Disruptive Talks, organised by Nor-Shipping 2017 in partnership Fathom Maritime Intelligence, are an hour long high paced sessions designed challenge the minds of the world expert participants and sharpen their knowledge.

The experts will be challenged to find solutions to some of shipping’s most difficult ongoing questions as well as consider how traditional technology use can be changed.

By posing the difficult questions, Nor-Shipping is hoping new industry perspectives will emerge, new pathways to success identified. No subject is off limits.

Creative possibilities
Are our business operating models nearly dead? Can biology replace chemicals? How can we disrupt regulation and how can regulation disrupt? Where are the profits in shipping to be made? And much more.

The digitalisation of shipping will also be a key feature and the Disruptive Talks will be looking at the creative possibilities, the practical realities and the detrimental fundamentals of the digital revolution in shipping. Where can we benefit? Who will be the casualties? What are the future paths?

Be prepared for the unexpected
“We cannot ignore the seismic changes that are occurring in our industry. Economics, regulation, innovation, world infrastructure and geopolitical shifts are altering the industry’s operating environment on every level,” says Alison Jarabo, Managing Director, Fathom Maritime Intelligence.

“In order to survive, let alone thrive, every stakeholder need to accelerate their knowledge and thinking- be prepared for the unexpected.”

She adds that the “Disruptive Talks will give the inside track for considering strategy, best practice and how to increase profitability in an increasingly unpredictable world”.

See the Nor-Shipping program for more information on the Disruptive Talks sessions from Tuesday-Thursday.

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