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Nor-Shipping aims to become ‘centre of gravity’ for Disruptive Sustainability within maritime

Nor-Shipping has pledged to build on the Disruptive Sustainability (DS) concept introduced this year, creating an on-going arena for the showcasing, sharing and development of ideas with the potential to transform shipping. Innovation and Sustainability Advisor Sofia Fürstenberg has been appointed to lead the initiative as Business Development and DS Manager for Nor-Shipping 2019.

This year’s Nor-Shipping, running in Oslo and Lillestrøm between 30 May and 2 June, saw the launch of DS, with an entire exhibition hall dedicated to the concept. This featured trailblazers from maritime mixing with innovators from the tech sector and wider business arena, as together the exhibitors explored the benefits of new technologies, business models and ways of working together. Organisations including Siemens, DNB, KONGSBERG Digital, DNV GL and NCE Maritime Cleantech seized the opportunity to share insights and engage with over 30,000 visiting delegates.

Bold concept
“We took a chance by introducing such a bold concept to the maritime event sector, but the feedback we received, both during the week and afterwards, has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Fürstenberg, who also worked as lead consultant to drive the initiative in 2017.

“By dedicating Hall A to DS we were able to focus on creating an integrated experience, rather than a typical exhibition ‘selling’ environment. We aimed to deliver insights at system level, highlighting both commercial and environmental sustainability opportunities across the maritime value chain. With the open space plan we figuratively and literally broke down the walls between companies and industries, and considered how challenges can be met from new perspectives. As the first outing of its kind there was a lot to learn, and improvements to be made for 2019, but we’re really excited about how it was received and its future potential.”

Ocean space
Fürstenberg and the Nor-Shipping team now aim to develop the concept further. The 2019 outing will again see one hall dedicated to the theme, with a repeat of the ‘Disruptive Talks’ programme that proved so popular this year. Work will be undertaken to develop the interactive experience for visitors, with, for example, increased use of app technology, while the exhibitors will be challenged with the question of how they can realise the true potential of the ocean space.

However, Fürstenberg is determined to make DS an on-going and integral part of all Nor-Shipping activity, rather than a standalone once-every-two-year initiative.

Platform for discussions and ideas

“New business models and new ways of collaboration are needed for maritime to take the lead in the quest for a thriving and sustainable ocean industry. We want to create a platform whereby we can help enable the discussions and ideas that will help our industry, and adjacent ones, prosper. With that in mind we’ll be extending DS activity beyond the event week itself, holding events and arranging activities that can help fertilise new ideas and cross industry partnerships.

“Disruptive Sustainability has the aspiration of creating mutual benefits for all stakeholders, from shipping and beyond. We want Nor-Shipping to be the natural ‘centre of gravity’ for the concept – the place to be to access insight, talents and partners. I look forward to help realising that ambition in the run up to summer 2019.”

Nor-Shipping 2019 takes place in Oslo and Lillestrøm between 4 – 7 June. This year’s event week attracted more than 30,000 delegates, with over 900 exhibiting companies and a record 19 national pavilions.

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