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Nor-Shipping urges industry to look long-term in face of Coronavirus crisis

Nor-Shipping, Your Arena for Ocean Solutions, has reiterated its commitment to serve the maritime and ocean industries, urging businesses facing short-term uncertainty to plan for the long-term.

Business as usual

It is business as usual for the Nor-Shipping team, despite the current situation with Covid-19, which has caused a slew of exhibition cancellations and postponements, changing the face of the industry calendar for 2020. Preparations for Nor-Shipping 2021 are on schedule, with stands selling rapidly. This is indicative of both an “optimistic” and long-term industry approach.

After Easter the exhibition team will send out the first round of hall maps with assigned stand allocations. The remaining space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, meaning that you will still benefit from registering early.

Unprecedented challenges

“The industry, and modern society as a whole, is facing unprecedented challenges,” comments Elisabeth Schulze, Exhibition Director. “Our business niche is on the front line as, by our very nature, we rely on gathering large numbers of people from around the world for invaluable face-to-face meetings, networking and knowledge sharing. It goes without saying that, with the current threat to public health, that is now out of the question.”

Elisabeth Schulze, Exhibition Director Nor-Shipping

Schulze says that despite the “absolute” disruption to events and related marketing plans, she is optimistic about the future. Short-term uncertainty, she stresses, shouldn’t block out the long-term potential of the industry that the exhibitions serve and support.

A platform to prosper

She comments: “The exhibitors that Nor-Shipping and other leading industry events cater for are world class businesses that are essential for the continuing development of our global society. We need healthy maritime and ocean industries now more than ever, to secure our supply chains, provide our nutrition and drive world trade.

“This pandemic will pass, and the businesses that can retain their expertise, assets and ambition will be well placed to prosper when it does. Our trade show sector will return with renewed energy to give them the platform they need to seize opportunity and achieve ambitions. I’d urge those businesses, and all our colleagues within the event segment, to plan for the long-term where possible. We are in the midst of a storm but, standing together, I have no doubt we will get through it.”

Here to help

If any exhibitors or related industry stakeholders have questions regarding the event they should get in touch with the team.

“We’ll do all we can to support our exhibitors and industry at this difficult time,” concludes Schulze.

For further details please contact:

Elisabeth Schulze
Exibition Director Nor-Shipping
Email: [email protected]
Phone +47 922 85 883

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