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TMA BlueTech Pavilion in the Blue Economy Hall

The Maritime Alliance, a cluster organisation based in San Diego on the US West Coast is coming to the Blue Economy Hall with 10 of its promising young companies

A wave of technological and digital solutions has been sweeping the ocean industries in the last five years. Start ups are emerging around the world and the opportunities for them to make a difference have probably never been better.

The Maritime Alliance, a cluster organisation based in San Diego on the US West Coast is coming to the Blue Economy Hall with 10 of its promising young companies, and the Norwegian Cluster NCE Maritime Cleantech has its companies on show. There’s also the start-up lounge, a dedicated exhibition space for smaller budding but certainly growing start-ups, keen to make a mark.


From The US West Coast it’s these 10:

Earthwise Sorbents
Earthwise Sorbents, a San Diego, CA-based has developed an array of highly-effective sorbent products made from recycled and repurposed foam and fabric materials. Earthwise products have been tested in comparison to traditional products and demonstrates equivalent or better absorbency. It is also developing sorbents based on algae-based oils to replace hydrocarbon-based oils. Earthwise is working with maritime entities and industries to prevent and contain petroleum pollution in global waters by deploying earth-friendly spill kits and absorbent booms at fuel docks, marinas, ports and on motor operated boats and watercraft. By proactively placing products that absorb oil and fuel in and around potential pollution sources, marinas and ports can more rapidly contain spills and improve water quality.

Contact: CEO, Jim Mullen [email protected]

Ecochlor is a Massachusetts-based company that has developed proprietary ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) designed to safely and economically eliminate the worldwide transfer of aquatic invasive species. Ecochlor has sole market ownership of the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) ballast water treatment technology. Its ballast water management system (BWMS) has two-steps – filtration and chlorine dioxide. The treatment is not affected by variations in salinity, temperature, turbidity and vibration. It is easy to operate, has low power requirements with no retreatment or neutralization on discharge. The Ecochlor system is IMO and USCG Type Approved and well-suited for mid-sized to UL/VLCC ships. Ecochlor’s client list includes some of the largest and most respected shipowners ─ Alaska Tankers, Anglo Eastern Ship Management, Bahri Ship Management, Capital Ship Management, Liberty Marine, Angelicoussis Group, Minerva Marine, SCF Group, Seacor, and Scorpio Tankers. As of April 2019, Ecochlor had more than 250 ships in its order book for BWMS retrofits scheduled to 2021. Ecochlor’s systems are built to last for the lifetime of the vessel.

Contact: Director of Corporate Communications, Kathie Clark [email protected]

HALO Maritime Defense Systems 
Based outside Boston, Massachusetts, HALO began business in 2008 in response for a global demand for waterside asset protection. The company offers a turnkey approach with site specific engineering design, manufacturing, logistics and installation of Marine Barrier Systems to protect high value assets on the waterfront and offshore facilities around the world. HALO offers the only automatic Marine Barrier System that has been tested and certified to stop a 7,000-pound boat at 43 knots with less than 3 meters of penetration. HALO Maritime is looking for opportunities to learn about specific facility requirements and develop/integrate a HALO Marine Barrier to protect your assets and personnel.

Contact: President/COO, Brendan L. Gray, Captain USN (ret.) [email protected]

ioCurrents is a leading maritime data analytics company. The company has developed a machine learning-based analytics platform called MarineInsight™, which aggregates diverse data sets into actionable insights for the maritime industry. Using a combination of edge and cloud-based computing MarineInsight™ provides operators and fleet managers with descriptive, predictive, and efficiency analytics for engines, generators, and other vessel assets. By providing comprehensive, integrated visibility across an entire vessel — or an entire fleet — MarineInsight™ is able to improve efficiency, increase safety, and identify and prevent failures, resulting in significantly reduced operating costs and risk profiles for its customers.

Contact: CEO, Cosmo King [email protected]

Marine Construction Technologies (MCT) 
Noise stemming from human activities in the sea and along shorelines is a growing problem with wide impact, elevating baseline or ambient noise levels and affecting both fish and wildlife. Some anthropogenic noise is persistent – resulting in behavioral changes to marine species, reduced foraging or reproductive success, and dampening or masking communication. Some noise is acute, resulting in an array of effects ranging from death and injury to permanent or temporary hearing loss. Marine Construction Technologies, a Public Benefit Corporation, from Seattle, Washington, has developed a novel double-walled steel pile design that reduces underwater noise resulting from impact driving by 20 decibels. This reduction in noise is equivalent to removing approximately 90 percent (90%) of the noise energy associated with pile driving, drastically lowering impacts and risks to ocean ecosystems and species.

Contact: COO, Julie Hampden [email protected]

Ocean Manager
OceanManager aims to provide solutions to the industry that streamlines compliance, creates operational efficiency and improves safety at sea such that ships are operated more safely, with reduced injuries and minimal losses to property and business. The company’s software provides a real-time information pathway between ship and shore by providing tools to monitor and analyze data. Its customizable Marine IT Solutions enable clients to set higher safety standards, become more competitive and transparent, and allow them to focus on increasing profitability.

Contact: CEO, Rajan Vasudevan [email protected]

Sea Machines Robotics 
Sea Machines Robotics is a developer of autonomous vessel control systems for workboats and perception technology ships. The company’s mission is to create products that will enhance the safety and predictability of maritime operations. Sea Machines was founded in Boston in 2015 and a second location was established in Europe in 2018. The Sea Machines team consists of seasoned mariners, controls experts and software engineers. Our products include Remote Control Interface for Workboats and Autonomous Vessel Control Systems for controlled domain applications.

Contact: VP Sales & Marketing, Don Black [email protected]

Established in 2012, SHIPPINGInsight has grown steadily each year. Focusing on fleet optimization and innovation, the event provides a forum for shipowners and solution providers to exchange ideas and discuss challenges in facing the transformation of the industry. More than 240 delegates from 15 countries attended the 2018 event, including 43 shipping company executives.

Contact: Chief Evolution Officer, Carleen Walker [email protected]

The Viswa Group
The Viswa Group Team consists of a dynamic entrepreneurial team of scientists, engineers and support professionals with a long-standing reputation for Technical Excellence in the fields of Fuel Oils, Lubes, Hydraulic oils, Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, Non-Destructive Evaluation and Failure Analysis. Viswa Lab has created a niche position for itself with a “One Stop Shop” concept of inspection and sampling, chemical testing, mechanical testing, destructive and nondestructive testing to determine the cause of a failure or the prognosis of a machinery related problem. Viswa Scrubbers was created to help customers meet coming IMO regulations on January 1, 2020. The Viswa H Scrubber is 30% lighter, 30% smaller than competing technologies. VEEMS was designed for helping customers fulfill IMO regulations for SEEMP and the newer regulations on EU MRV and IMO MRV. VTIC was formed to focus on general testing and inspection needs.

Contact: Marketing Analyst, Erin Jensen [email protected]

XST is automating weather forecasting for use in operational decision support and planning systems. XST is looking for applications for demonstration, customers to help refine and develop commercial capabilities, and partners with funding. Sectors of interest within the Blue Economy include aquaculture, fleet operations, offshore energy, port operations, shipping and unmanned systems.

Contact: President/CEO, Dean Wakeham [email protected]


Ocean solutions are getting real; They are growing in number, in stature and through collaboration and networks. They are varied, they are ambitious and some of the best are at Nor-Shipping.

Come see some of the best, come to the Blue Economy Hall during Nor-Shipping 2019, and listen to the hosted Blue Talks and Interviews.

Here’s the other confirmed start-ups that will all be in one place: The Blue Economy Hall.

From NCE Maritime cleantech it’s these eight: CFD MarineData GumboMulti SolutionsServogearSustainable EnergyWestern Norway University of Applied Sciences and Valhall NGP.


Loginno – Bringing IoT to shipping through a box

And in the Nor-Shipping dedicated start-up lounge there’s 16 start-ups and young companies pushing to make a mark. They are: Ankeri SolutionsBrim ExplorerCDynamicsCSO AllianceDream Learn Work,LoginnoOdin Deck Machinery (ODM)ScanReach, NKT QFP, Maritime Data SystemsOcean Freight ExchangeGroup Nautical PteShipcosts, Durable Energy, BOS GlobalECOsubsea

Brim Explorer – This entrant is a new vessel design for a new operator of Arctic passenger services in Norway.
Brim Explorer – This entrant is a new vessel design for a new operator of Arctic passenger services in Norway.

All these and other exhibitors demonstrating where shipping meets the oceans in the Blue Eocnomy Hall of Nor-Shipping 2019. All you need is your entry ticket!


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