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Challenge and opportunity

Join our one-hour collaborative sessions dedicated to the future markets and technologies. As a Nor-Shipping visitor these Blue Talks are free to attend - you simply pick and choose the Talks you whish to join in.

So you’ve heard about Nor-Shipping’s Blue Talks, yet are unsure what they are?

Let’s start with what this is not. It is not a conference. There is no closed door and a demand to be quiet and wait for coffee breaks. In fact there are no coffee breaks, and certainly no lunch. And it’s going to be noisy as it is on an open stage in the Blue Economy Hall (which is why we are supplying headsets – some call it silent meetings).

As a visitor to the Nor-Shipping exhibition these Blue Talks are free to attend – you simply pick and choose the Talks you whish to join in.


Each talk lasts an hour, starts with a short presentation to set the scene and then it is a debate or set of interviews led by industry journalist Craig Eason who has a reputation for his ability to draw out a compelling discussion.


Sustainability and environmental issues in the shipping and ocean space
Wednesday 5 June consists mostly of Talks focused on sustainability and environmental issues in the shipping and ocean space. Portugal will offer insight into its focus on the Blue Economy. Then we will look at financial drivers and governance issues with a specific focus on how one potential industry solution, wind propulsion, has become such a hot topic of late.

Corvus Energy to power industry’s first hybrid fish farm processing vessel

Corvus Energy, probably the largest supplier of energy storage systems in the marine industry, will answer Eason’s questions on the use and future of batteries and hybrid solutions. Meteogroup one of the leading weather routing companies will be on hand to explain the latest in the development of digital and data solutions to help operators with planning and performance, then the issue of hull fouling will be addressed courtesy of two innovative solutions from itech (a biotech firm with a barnacle repelling hull coating additive) and Hullwiper (a developer of robotic hull cleaning solutions).

Digital and innovative clusters day
Thursday 6 June is our digital and innovative clusters day. Inmarsat has been working hard with a series of high end companies in recent months to find digital, particularly IOT solutions to deply in the ocean and maritime space, and following this we have Loginno, a start-up itself that is looking to turn the liner industry truly digital by getting each and every container connected. They will also announce which shipping company will get all of their containers IoT enabled courtesy of Loginno.

Loginno – Bringing IoT to shipping through a box

Then NTT security will focus on digital trends and security, looking not only at how incidents can happen but will have their own ethical hacker on the stage to show how it can be done maliciously.

The huge gains from building clusters
Our final two Blue Talks focus on the huge gains from building clusters. The city of Rotterdam, home of one of Europe’s top ports, and the Accelerator Port XL will look at how a dynamic cluster approach can form both private and public entities and create a winning innovative business environment.

Angelica Kemene, Optima X

Optima X is possibly the youngest accelerator company in the maritime sector, being launched early this year. But being based in Athens Greece represents how accepted innovative companies with new ideas have become in an industry once beholden to tradition. This final talk will focus on how clusters can have huge benefits for local industry and global trends, with examples of how dynamic solutions can be found and invested in.

That’s ten talks, with more than 40 experts, over just two days. As a Nor-Shipping visitor you pick and choose what you want, come grab a seat and a headset and take part in the Blue Talks 2019.


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