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Beware directory sellers

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Norway Trade Fairs strongly advises exhibitors to avoid the Fair Guide/Construct Data Publishers Verlag.

Construct Data Verlag (CDV) markets entries in its exhibition guides on the internet and employs the name of Norway Trade Fairs in its correspondence with exhibitors.

The company has utilised information from the Norway Trade Fairs web site without the involvement or consent of the foundation.

CDV has made similar use of data from other exhibition centres in the Nordic region and the rest of Europe, and its activities are hugely frustrating for companies participating in exhibitions in foreign countries.

The company’s marketing of entries/advertising in The Fair Guide clearly violates the Norwegian Marketing Act and the provisions in the criminal code on fraud. It also breaches the provisions in Norway’s contract law on what constitutes a binding agreement.

Any exhibitor who has been unfortunate enough to sign a CDV order form under the mistaken impression that it concerned Norway Trade Fairs’ own catalogue and/or that they were consenting to a free service should not pay the invoice. They can contact the team for the exhibition in which they are participating for advice on any further course of action.

Please be aware of these similar companies

  • Euro Business Guide
  • EU Business Services Ltd.
  • European City Guide, Valencia – Spain
  • TW Verlag GmbH, Hamburg – Germany
  • Nova Channel, Switzerland
  • Global Internet Register
  • Commercial Online Manuals
  • Expo Guide
  • Nordisk Expo
  • Fair Guide / Construct Data Publishers Verlag AG
  • EventFair – Post Service – Germany
  • International Fair Directory

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