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Arctic opportunities – with arctic frontiers

Arctic Frontiers is a Nor-Shipping partner and an international arena for companies to develop networks, discover new business opportunities, and keep up to date with the latest economic development in the Arctic.

The role of the Arctic is changing. From being a cold periphery, the region is increasingly playing a role at the center on the geopolitical stage. With vast energy and marine resources, the region is on the agenda of industrial, political and societal organizations across the globe. This is thus a region for blue economic opportunities.
Major development projects are under way in the Arctic involving a diverse range of sectors including energy, seafood and infrastructure.

The Arctic maritime industry is a key driver of innovation in the Arctic, which provides support for the development of other Arctic industries. How can new technology contribute to increased mobility of people, goods and businesses in the Arctic? How can electrification and automation of vessels contribute to safe and sustainable northern business operations, and what are the risks? How can international shipping regulations and ocean strategies support safe and responsible Arctic maritime activity? How can big data, autonomous research vessels and smart censoring secure sailing, harvesting and other activities along the coast and on the high seas?

These are some of the questions that will be asked during Arctic Frontiers. 20 January – 24 January. With a wide range of business-related events and many opportunities to network with participants from 35 countries, be sure to check out the program and register to participate.

There will also be a B2B-session that will explore the sustainable realization of economic opportunities in the Arctic. Together with operators we will discuss ongoing and upcoming projects, possibilities and limitations for sub-contractors, technology solutions, best practices for the Arctic and how technology can be utilized across sectors. The main objectives are to identify business opportunities, increase the business interaction, and develop the business networks in the High North.

Don’t miss out.

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